Thin Client Project - juz for fun ....

i’m currently exploring the thin client technology for implementing it at my home ... in case any of you dont know the meaning of thin-client … CLICK HERE for definition.

i’m using these applications to create the system :-

  • X11’s XDM Control Protocol
  • Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) daemon
  • Trivial FTP server
  • PXES – A micro linux distribution specially made for thin client

The server is implemented on Fedora Core 5 – my favourite linux distribution by RedHat Inc.

so far, i have succeeded in testing it at UTP’s library ( well .. illegally .. :P ) ... i installed FC5 on a computer which is .. well … they label it as broken computer :P …. and set-up all that necessary there, run the daemons .. and .. walla .. XDMCP works!! ... however .. there are still some minor problems that i still need to find a way around—eg: automatic redirection of sound, multiple servers, etc …


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