The first day at UTP-OpenSource Lab

Today is the first day of the semester in UTP. And i got a chance to go and help setting up systems at the UTP-OpenSource Lab. A postgrad student is the one in charge of the lab.

He shown me the box that will become a ghost image for the whole lab. It runs Ubuntu 6.01, Sun Solaris 10, Mandriva 2006, and FreeBSD 6.1. I helped to test the functionality of Ubuntu and set-up KDM to start automatically on the FreeBSD.

That time was also the first time I had a chance to try using Solaris. Its quite slow responsive compared to other OS installed on the box. And the package management system is quite confusing to me. Guess i need to learn a lot more for using it.

I heard they ( the lecturer in charge and the postgrad guy ) will ghost the system to other computers in the lab. Perhaps tomorrow i will see a whole room with *NIX. purely without any WindowS around :P


Roxanne said…
Nice blog..
You're a keen observer.

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