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Ks-X LiveCD - Build Start

(the title is a little bit out-of-sync ... bcoz i've started this a few days ago)

I'm creating a liveCD based on Fedora 5 ( ) ... using the scripts from Linux-live.Org ( ) and some scripts from CentOS 4.3 LiveCD ( ) ... currently i named it as Ks-X LiveCD (KageSenshi's Linux LiveCD) until i got a good name for it  ... (oh yeah, i have tried using kadishi ( ) but on the version i used it uses anaconda for installation and i doesnt have the power to control extra stuff from it - at least that what i experienced .... looking forward for the official release of Kadischi)

The system is build on vanilla Kernel 2.6.16 with SquashFS 3.0 and UnionFS 1.2 patch ... with a GNOME 2.4 Desktop ...

Primary purpose of the LiveCD is to promote Fedora 5 to newbies ( and some not-so-new Linux users ) in its most functional form - complete with media support and some eye-candies. Another purpose is to create a template for me to create other special purpose liveCDs for my private use for improving the administration of UTPchat systems and for use during my studies.

Installed packages includes :-
  1. GNOME Desktop Environment
  2. Firefox - with FlashGet, Performancing, Imagebot, Tab Mix Plus extensions
  4. Liferea Feed Reader
  5. Mplayer-GUI
  6. Totem
  7. Qalculate-GTK
  8. Anjuta C/C++ IDE
  9. Bluefish Web Editor
  10. Cssed
  11. GIMP
  12. Xchat
  13. Downloader4X
  14. Gdesklets
  15. gFTP
  16. Avidemux2
  17. Audacity
  18. Muine Music Player
  19. XMMS
  20. System-Config-LVM
  21. SuperTux
  22. GL-117 Fligh Simulator
  23. Armagetron Advanced
  24. Enigma
  25. Frozen Bubble
  26. Video LAN Client
  27. GNOME Deskbar Applet
  28. Webmin
  29. Apache HTTPd
  30. Mysql-server
  31. Mysql-administrator GUI
  32. +++ more~
Screenshot of the desktop

Current Status of Development:

  • Tested to run without GUI - running without any problem
  • X11 with GNOME desktop is able to start without noticeable problems
  • Extra packages are installed
  • Sound still not working - reason : forgot to compile ALSA in kernel :P
Known Bugs:
  • gnome-panel's shutdown button seems to hang when clicked .. need to run 'init 0' to shutdown
  • immediate shutdown after eject CD -- will add pause at the halt script
To Do:
  • correct the halt script
  • add ALSA in kernel
  • create a better splash screen
  • find and replace any by-default-is-visible fedora trademarks
  • test.. test .. test ..

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