UTP-OSS :- Founded

tt has been quite some time since my last post, lots of thing happened.

Last few weeks, i forwarded MyOSS's email about the PC-Fair to some of my lecturers, my first intention is juz to maybe make help on with the PC-Fair booth.... but sumthing else happened .. (shucks)

The head of ICT/BIS Department - Dr. Kamil - contacted me and ask me to create an Open Source Club in UTP!!! (EEEK!!!). huhu ...

It took me quite some time to decide whether to really put an effort to it because i'm not that good when it comes to management stuff.. but last week, on the ICT/BIS Dean List Award ceremony .. Dr. Kamil indirectly "shoot" at me during his speech (DARN!! I'M NOT PREPARED FOR THIS!!) and on the stage - while giving my certificate - asked me to meet him as soon as possible with a group of ppl for the club .. (GEEZZ)..

After the event, i quickly go back to my room, and asked #linux UTPchat for help ... gladly .. we got 8 ppl interested to become the first batch of members ...

We went to meet Dr. Kamil on the next day .. the meeting was ok ... and he requested us to hold at least an event about opensource on this semester ...


Anonymous said…
seems like UTP really changed nowadays. previously, heh, the only open-source OS you can get is when you incidentally/unincidentally loaded the red hat in SELECTIVE computer labs. but that's just it.

we do learn about *nix OS, the deadlock concept FIFO LIFO concept but at that time, we didn't even know we were learning *nix haha. good change though by UTP. unlucky me not be able to have these opportunities. well, there's always outside world heh..

p/s: i heard there's hacking course in UTP. is it for real?
Unknown said…
Yah.. kindof .. under Dr. Kamil this sem it feels like the ICT ppl got their chance to bring up their identity .. he's really supporting us

Hacking course ?? .. didnt heard of it ... but one thing for sure .. next sem or the sem after there will be a new course in UTP - Computer Science

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