Starting service after the login screen is loaded

GDM early login have been mising from Fedora for quite a while now .. I kindof missed it because it makes Fedora "appears" booting up faster ..

Being impatient, (and bored), an idea came out to my mind to do a script that might give similar function to GDM early login .. but with a little bit twist -> instead of we make the GDM start earlier, why dont we make the services start later? ... and so, postinit script was born ... Its juz a simple shell script that allow users to define what services they want to start later after GDM is loaded ..

These are the script , I packaged it for Fedora Core 6, other distros may use it , but it might require some tweaking in the code.


postinit add [servicename]
- This adds a service into the postinit list
postinit del [servicename]
- This removes a service from the postinit list
postinit list
- This shows what services is set to be run using postinit

Note: postinit doesnt remove a service from the chkconfig, you'll need to remove it yourself using chkconfig or system-config-services.

configuration -> /etc/postinit.conf ... its just the entry for the sleep duration before starting the services and the entry to deny any services from being started using postinit.
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