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Metisse Desktop

I believe some of us have heard about Metisse desktop environment thats going to be provided by Mandriva to their users. Metisse is quite an old project (since FC1) but havent had any major release until recently. Metisse is designed with usability in mind rather than funky effects - a product of the team's research on Human Computer Interaction subject. It won't make shiny effects but it might help you (and grandmas) to use computer and the desktop easier. See screenshots here If you're interested with it, theres still no Metisse 0.4 packages for distros other that Mandriva thats has been out in the public yet. However, you can build it from source by following this Howto . Sadly, It uses a modified Xserver (rather than available compositing from AIGLX/XGL) which immediately turned me off. I don't like polluting my system with from-source installations that might be hard to remove later.

HOWTO: Mirroring Yum repositories using Yum-Utils

As promised before in one of my previous post , a Howto on how to mirror and manage yum repositories using some of the utilities in yum-utils . The first step is, well, of course, is to get yum-utils from fedora repository yum install yum-utils Reposync Reposync is a utility for mirroring and synchronizing local copy of a yum/rpmmetadata repository. This utility is very useful if you wanted to make a yum repository mirror. Before this, I used "wget -R -np -N" but this method is a little bit tedious and it doesnt work with repos that didn't use directory listing. Plus, it also download together additional site stuff that I don't need/want and it doesn't verify checksum of the downloaded packages. Mirroring a repo using this utility is easy, just execute this command reposync -r <repoid> -a <arch> -n and the repo will be mirrored in a folder with the same name of the repoid in the directory you executed the command. Eg: you executed the command in

Which Death Note character are you?

Erm .. found the link to this site from my uni's moodle blog .. posted by someone Hey!, I got Yagami Light/ Kira!!. Thats something unexpected. However, the description does match with how I think I am. Take the test here

Useful Yum repository tools in yum-utils

Yum-utils package have some useful tools for sysadmins who wanted to create and manage their own RPM metadata repository. Contents of yum-utils package # rpm -ql yum-utils /usr/bin/package-cleanup /usr/bin/repo-graph /usr/bin/repo-rss /usr/bin/repoclosure /usr/bin/repomanage /usr/bin/repoquery /usr/bin/reposync /usr/bin/repotrack /usr/bin/yum-builddep /usr/bin/yumdownloader /usr/share/doc/yum-utils-1.0 /usr/share/doc/yum-utils-1.0/COPYING /usr/share/doc/yum-utils-1.0/README /usr/share/man/man1/package-cleanup.1.gz /usr/share/man/man1/repo-rss.1.gz /usr/share/man/man1/repoquery.1.gz /usr/share/man/man1/yum-builddep.1.gz /usr/share/man/man1/yumdownloader.1.gz Some notable tools repomanage - helps you manage a repository by listing out old and/or new packages filenames reposync - helps synchronizing local repository with an online Yum repository repotrack - helps downloading dependencies of packages - I'

V3 UTPchat server up and running

Village 3 is up and running Village 3 Server : (outsider37i)

UTPchat Servers In V1/V4/V5 are up

To UTP students, our UTPchat IRC network is now back functional in Village 1, 4 and 5. The servers have been linked up and connected with each other. Village 1 Server : (Togakure) Village 4 Server : (Student) Village 5 Server : (Soul) There are some problem with V2 and V3, and we are still finding a way to resolve it.

Back to UTP

Another semester going to start, and yet another semester with only port 80 and 443 outbound to Internet *sigh*. Struggling to re-setup the IRC servers because of room changes and new admins. Also, need to update my FC6 repository mirror of Extras, Updates and Livna. The UTP Open Source society also have lots of stuff to catch up. Hopefully I can finish all of this by 2 weeks.

Template broke on IE6 - Fixed

I just noticed that my current template broke on IE6 at the <pre> tag. CSS overflow:auto doesnt work and made the layout haywire on posts that have some long codes I pasted. I found it out when I was using my father's laptop to enter the blog, and that laptop uses IE6. After some investigation, I got found out that IE6 does not support CSS max-height and overflow:auto does not work with dynamically sized div/pre. Damn IE6 After googling around, I found a hack on how to make it at least wont break the template here . Now my template happily work with IE6 and W3C compliant browsers. Yay~! btw, this problem doesn't exist on IE7

"Subscribe Feed" Blogger Widget (Update) / Hacking Blogger's widget engine #3

I have modified a little bit of the Subscribe Feed widget which I posted last time. The modification is simply for user-friendliness when adding the widget to your blog and editing the feed URL. Done it by using JavaScript to write the feed url into the links. To edit the feed url, just adjust the value of var feed_url = "/feeds/posts/default"; in the code. To know more about automated widget adding here You can get the widget using a one-click interface here . and below is the code <script type='text/javascript' language='JavaScript'> // <!-- // use this value to use Blogger's default feed // or edit it to use other feed's URL var feed_url = "/feeds/posts/default"; document.write("<a href='"+feed_url+"'><img alt='' src='' style='border:0'/></a>"); document.write(&

Social network users have ruined their privacy, forever Students at the University of Bristol have recently been warned of the dangers of posting to social networking websites. They aren't the first to hear these warnings, and they won't be the last. Prof. Nigel Smart of the Computer Science Department at the University of Bristol has expressed his concern at the worrying trend of people giving up their privacy on the internet via social networking websites. He told HEXUS: "I am concerned that from some of the posts I have seen, by colleagues, students and others, that there is a deep societal problem emerging of people giving up their privacy without realising it". There's little point in worrying about ID cards, RFID tags and spyware when more and more people are throwing away their privacy anyway. And the potential consequences are dire. Just about anyone can read what's posted onto social networking websites like MySpace and FaceBook. 'Anyone' include : Open Web Templates for your website!

I found something interesting from StumbleUpon yesterday. An OpenSource website template community!! The Open Design Community (TODC) is a group of Open Source Website Designers providing free web design templates helping to make the global internet a prettier place. Our Goal Our goal is to create a community owned and managed site, where users can share their free website designs and templates, discuss web design, and promote their services. I browsed through the templates hosted there, and they are all awesome!. Almost all of them are well polished and professional looking and a lot are as high quality as expensive commercial web templates. While browsing though, this Dark Ritual template caught my attention. I thought it'll look great for my blog. So I downloaded it and hacked it here and there to make it fit for Blogger's Layout engine and the product is, you're looking at it now!! (^-^) Below is the modified Dark Ritual template for use in Blogger. For the imag

Amano Hikaru - Thats me~!

While watching Death Note ep13 (thanks Animanda!) I realized that I can translate my name to Japanese name. Got the idea from Yagami Light's name. The word Light in his name is spelled as 月(Tsuki) but pronounced as "Light". Feeling curious how my name will be in Japanese, I fired up Kiten and start hunting down words that can match with the meaning of my name. Malays doesn't have first and last name system. We just use our given name followed by our father's name at the end as our full name. So, I decided to take out 2 words in my name and make it my first and last name :P Mohd Izhar Firdaus Ismail - I omitted my father's name and the first word of my name because both are names of ancient Phophets which doesn't have a direct literal meaning. That left me with Izhar Firdaus. Firdaus - literally means Eden/Heaven. From what I already know from learning Japanese, Heaven's kanji is 天 (Ama). Make it a family name it became 天野 (Amano) Izhar - litera

HOWTO: Extracting RPM from command line

Sometimes, admins might want to extract some files from a RPM file for some purposes. If on a system with GUI, this can be easily done using file-roller or some other GUI based archive manager that supports RPM/CPIO archives. RPMs are basically modified CPIO archives, so we use rpm2cpio and cpio command to extract files from it in a CLI environment. List out contained files rpm2cpio <rpmpackage.rpm> |cpio -t Extract all files rpm2cpio <rpmpackage.rpm> |cpio -id Extract specific file rpm2cpio <rpmpackage.rpm> |cpio -id <file> Note: extracting specific files requires you to put the full path of the file in the archive which you get from the cpio -t output. You can read more about using cpio from the manpages and from this site

HOWTO: Removing Firefox Menu Toolbar

Yet-another-shrinking-your-UI guide lol~.. Lets go straight to the point. First, to those you a newbie in editing userChrome.css, locate the file using this guide . Then, just add these lines in userChrome.css. toolbar#toolbar-menubar {display : none !important} .toolbarbutton-menubutton-button > .toolbarbutton-box, .toolbarbutton-1 > .toolbarbutton-box { max-width: 16px !important; text-align: center !important; } Done. (I'm in lazy mode) Edit: For the Menu button, use the Compact Menu extension.

Death Note got licensed in the US

Read It Here I was wondering why it took so long for ep 13 of Death Note, so I googled and found out the news. Dammit, the US licensed the anime but us in non-US countries who suffered. Meanwhile, at the other side of the world, Animanda fansubs have agreed with to continue subbing Death Note. よかった。 (^-^) Anxiously waiting for the next episode.

HOWTO: Making Firefox toolbar and tabs smaller

People with low resolution screens might want to make stuff smaller to save space. Below is a guide to shrink the Firefox toolbar . Switching to small icons First we need to use small icons for the toolbars. Just right click at the toolbar, click customize, and select "Use small icons". Resizing the toolbar There are no menus to change the toolbar width from within firefox. Therefore, we need to edit the userChrome.css file. The userChrome.css file is located in your Firefox profile folder. The location differs according to the OS. Locate your profile folder by following this guide . After you located the profile folder, find the file at <profile-folder>/chrome/userChrome.css . If it doesn't exist yet, create it. Now, add this css entry into userChrome.css toolbar { max-height:30px !important; } This will resize the toolbars width to 30px. Resizing the tabbrowser Add this entry into userChrome.css to resize the tabbrowser tab width to 30px and remove any paddings an

I'm Back

I'm back from JB .. It was a great trip .. learned some new stuff and met some new and old friends .. Trying to find some ideas on what to write next ..

Away for few days

I'll be away for a few days starting tomorrow. I'm going to Johor Bahru to train Ninjutsu with Bujinkan Dojo JB . (Havent go there this semester yet). Need to stretch back these rusty muscles.

There will be no more Fedora Core!!!!

Yup, you didn't read it wrong. Fedora Core will cease to exist, and so do Fedora Extras. Why?. Its because they will be merged together to form a distro what will only be called as - Fedora. You can read about it here , perhaps Digg it here , and read the mailing list here . You can look at the release schedule of Fedora 7 here I personally think the merge is a good thing to do, because one of its advantages is that it makes it easier to manage and install packages because there will be only one main repo, instead of 2 (Core and Extras) or 3 (if you count together the Updates repo ) repositories. (It'll also makes me easier to mirror the repo for use inside my university) However, this announcement left me wondering with one question. How will users get the distribution release?. Core and Extras is now together as one repo, so are we going to have CD/DVD with everything in the repo as the distribution release???. Or are we going to have a smaller 1 CD base installation for

HOWTO: Creating your own YUM RPM repository

YUM is the default package manager provided with most RPM distros, especially Fedora and Redhat based distros. It is similar to APT of the Debian based distros. Admittedly, it is not the best package manager in term of performance, I personally feels APT is faster and easier to use. However, it do have some good points. One of it is the ease of creating a YUM RPM repositories. Some users might want to store cached/downloaded RPM packages for backup or future offline use. Some of them might also want to easily resolve dependencies of downloaded RPMs from non-repository sources. By having their own repository, they can easily install the RPMs and avoid dependency hell. To create our own repo, we use a tool called "createrepo". Its available in the Fedora DVD/CD and you just need to insert the DVD/CD and install it. You can also get it through yum. yum install createrepo After you've installed createrepo, dump all of the RPMs you want to create a repo with inside a direc

"Subscribe Feed" Blogger Widget

This is my first widget written using the HTML widget type. It just a simple widget for users to easily provide buttons to several popular feed subscription site.I've been trying to use the add-widget form provided by Blogger, but it seems like the widget.template input couldn't accept input other than <data:content>. I think this is a bug and I've reported it. (Due to this bug, I think the next "Hacking Blogger Widget" post will be halted for a while) Adding the widget into the template is easy. Open edit template html page, check expand widget, then copy the codes below, and paste it after another widget. Save the template and you're done. To rearrange the widget, just use the 'Page Elements' page. After adding into your template, goto 'Page Elements' and click the edit button at the widget. Put your feed url into the widget content form. Be careful not to put any line breaks or other characters because it will go into your url. Pre

HOWTO: Disabling tab scrolling in Firefox2

Firefox 2 introduces tab scrolling feature similar to Epiphany and several other browsers. However, while this feature seems to help stop tabs from becoming too small and hide its title, its considered annoying to some users. Not be able to see all of the tabs in once glance might not be preferable to some. To disable this, goto about:config and set this browser.tabs.tabMinWidth = 0 Now your tabs can shrink until 0 pixel!! lolz!!. To read more about the key, visit here

HOWTO: Enabling tab restore previous session in Firefox2

Firefox 2 already have a session saver built-in with the browser. However, it only activates when firefox crashed. Theres no available menu in the firefox preferences to adjust this behaviour, and some of us might want Firefox to restore tabs from our previous session. Fear not, you can still adjust it by editing a key through the about:config interface and enable the built-in restore previous session functionality. Doing this is easy, just open about:config , and set this = 3 You can read here to know more about the key.

Superhero? I'm Batman~!! Lolz

From Aizatto's blog , then I saw Surface doing it, Kaeru 's not far behind, and followed by Me~!! Your results: Batman (90%) Hulk (75%) Green Lantern (70%) Spider-Man (70%) Superman (70%) Robin (65%) Supergirl (57%) Catwoman (55%) Iron Man (45%) The Flash (40%) Wonder Woman (32%) You are Batman You are dark, love gadgets and have vowed to help the innocent not suffer the pain you have endured. Click here to take the Superhero Personality Quiz --------------------------------------- Lolz.. guess the description kindof match me :P P/S: I hate HTML tables

Hacking Blogger's widgets engine #2

This is my second post about what I've learned from the new Blogger engine. This time, I'll explain the about the widgets, its tags, and how to create your first widget. Widgets To those who didnt know it, Blogger widgets are those drag-and-drop able page elements in the new Blogger. By default, you can only choose to use the widgets provided by Google for your page. However, that is not the limit. The widget engine in the new Blogger offers good customization and allows developers to develop their own widgets to share with others!. Its uses HTML for layout and XML for content, therefore, its not hard to create your own widget if you know the basics. Widget Tags Widgets are defined using <b:widget> tags. You can read Blogger's documentation about the tag here . The basic is, when you define a widget, you just need to give it an id and a type. For a list of available widget types and it data variables, visit here . Below is an example of a simple widget using the H

LinkedIn : A friend network for professionals

I stumbled upon a url to this site from an email in a mailing list. Being curious, I opened the site. At first glance, I thought it was yet-another-friend networking site like friendster and myspace, but I noticed theres something different with it. So, I click the site's about page and read it. LinkedIn is an online network of more than 8.5 million experienced professionals from around the world, representing 130 industries. When you join, you create a profile that summarizes your professional accomplishments. Your profile helps you find and be found by former colleagues, clients, and partners. You can add more connections by inviting trusted contacts to join LinkedIn and connect to you. Your network consists of your connections, your connections’ connections, and the people they know, linking you to thousands of qualified professionals. Through your network you can: * Find potential clients, service providers, subject experts, and partners who come recommended *

Hacking Blogger's widgets engine #1

I just started playing around with the new Blogger's widget based template engine. At first it was confusing because its not normal HTML based template, but a strict XHTML 1.0 XML template. But after a playing around with it for a few hours, I started to understand the elements of the template and started to modify my template little by little (those who entered my blog a few times today might noticed that the template keep changing) and testing what element will affect what values. This is what I've learned so far. The Template The template generally consist of 2 significant parts, the layout and the widgets. The layout template is the one Blogger shows by default when you enter edit-html mode. The widgets are shown below the layout template after you check "Expand widget template" checkbox. You only need to change the layout part if you want to customize the base appearance of your blog. If you want more widget specific customization, edit the widget. Theming The th

GTalk Online Status Indicator

I beleive lots of us is familiar with Yahoo!'s I'm Online images on websites, blogs, myspace, friendster, etc. Some of us might not prefer the over-fancy Yahoo Messenger service (I know I am), prefer Gtalk, and wanted an online indicator for their sites. Jon Burrows have a solution for you. He hosted a Gtalk Online Status bot that will check your online status and provide an image of your status. Using this service is easy. Just add into your buddy list then send ENCSTRING to the bot to get your encrypted string. The url or your status image will appear at . For more options of changing images visit this page

HOWTO: Adding Non-Strict HTML into Blogger Widget Template XML

I have been trying to insert some javascript buttons into the Posts widget of the new Blogger engine. There are no predefined widgets provided by Blogger for this purpose, so, I opened the template's HTML to insert it. However, the task that I thought gonna be easy became a frustrating task because the engine requires strict XHTML coding in the template thus making everything a nightmare to pass the syntax checker. Struggling to insert the code, I discovered that the engine will parse any &lt; and &gt; entries into < and > of the generated code. So , I fire up gedit, paste the code, and do a search and replace for & < and >, replacing them with &amp; &lt; &gt; and pasted the new code into the template. The result is -> Success!! -> look at the stumbleupon button below :) Linux and BSD users can do this quickly on a text file by using sed. cat file|sed s/'\&'/'\&amp;'/g|sed s/'<'/'\&lt;'/g|sed

Happy New Year 2007!!!

I wish y'all a Happy New Year 2007!!!. I hope this year will be a great year with lots of new things learned. (hopefully next semester's subjects will not be too hard). and for TMnet, upgrade ur f'kin line and release this f'kin torrent cap!!!.