Compiz Fusion repository for Fedora 7

This post is obsolete ( Its hard to keep this page updated, so I created a wiki page for it :P ). Latest & updated guide can be acquired from my wiki page

At last ... I have finished the Compiz Fusion packages for Fedora 7 .. now for the grand announcement :D

Repository Location

Repository URL:
Repository YUM Config File:

The repository is hosted in a limited bandwidth shared hosting which I have for playing around with Django. Please dont abuse it. I couldnt afford larger hosting because I'm still a (jobless) student and currency exchange between MYR and USD is kindof too high for me.

Provided Packages


Edit Updated to follow 20070630git packages

The compiz packages are based on Fedora 7's compiz specfiles and added together with bits and pieces from Fedora beryl packages. The package sets are similar to beryl's. I dont have any KDE specific builds mainly because I don't use KDE and not familiar with beryl/compiz's KDE packages.

* NOTE: the compiz packages will obsolete Fedora 7's compiz-0.3.6 packages.
* Other Credits: the naming and description of some of the packages are taken from Trevino's Ubuntu Compiz repository

Some descriptions of common packages

- a meta package that will install all compiz packages from this repository
- a package that provide gtk-window-decorator and install compiz-core, compiz-fusion-plugins-main, emerald, emerald-themes and compizconfig-settings-manager
- a package that provide kde-window-decorator and install compiz-core, compiz-fusion-plugins-main and compizconfig-settings-manager
- contains the core compiz files
- main plugins for compiz fusion ( cube, animation, expo, negative, opacify, scale, wall , etc)
- extra plugins for compiz fusion ( addhelper, benchmark, cube reflection, firepaint, etc)
- a themable window decorator for compiz
- a GTK UI for configuring compiz fusion and its plugins

Edit: changed guide to follow GNOME KDE splitted packages
Edit Updated to follow 20070630git packages

Installation Instructions

As root, just follow these simple commands

# Install the repository 
cd /etc/yum.repos.d/

# all compiz core packages (GNOME and KDE)
yum install compiz
yum install compiz-all

# compiz and GTK window decorator (for GNOME)
yum install compiz-gnome

# compiz and KDE window decorator (for KDE)
yum install compiz-kde

Edit: changed guide to follow GNOME KDE splitted packages
Edit Updated to follow 20070630git packages

After this step, you'll have compiz-core, compiz-fusion-plugins-main, emerald, emerald-themes, and compizconfig-settings-manager the core compiz 0.5 from installed your computer. For Compiz-Fusion, you will require to also yum these.

yum install compizconfig-settings-manager compiz-fusion-plugins-main compiz-fusion-plugins-extra

and if you want Emerald decorator
 yum install emerald

Launching Compiz Fusion

The most convenient way to launch Compiz Fusion for now is by using its tray icon (similar to beryl-manager), called fusion-icon

yum install fusion-icon
fusion-icon &

* Theres also a launcher for it in the system menu . Located at Applications > System Tools > Fusion Icon

For the time being , there is no exact/convenient way to launch Compiz that I know of (yet). forum have a post on commands to launch Compiz here ->

If you have an Intel or an ATi Radeon card (using AIGLX or the radeon driver):
LIBGL_ALWAYS_INDIRECT=1 compiz --replace --indirect-rendering --sm-disable ccp &

If you are using the FGLRX driver:
LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/fglrx/ compiz --replace --sm-disable ccp &

If you are using NVidia:
compiz --replace ccp &

Or, you can try out compiz-icon. compiz-icon is an app similar to beryl-manager. However, it does not work in my computer, but maybe you have better luck than me.
yum install compiz-icon
compiz-icon &

compiz-icon package also provide a script called compiz-manager that will do the if-else for the manual launch above, if compiz-icon doesn't work for you, you might have better luck with compiz-manager. However, compiz-mananager does not have any tray icons etc despite the name. It only launches compiz and provides some useful (to some) commandline tools.

# launching compiz-manager
compiz-manager &

Edit Updated to follow 20070630git packages


For technical support related to compiz itself, please goto OpenCompositing Forum at and ask there. I will only attend problems related to my packaging.

If you want a more bleeding edge build, read the tutorial on how to compile from source here ->

Enjoy~ :D


Khairil said…
Please contact me, you can put up your fedora repos at
Deependra Singh said…
Thanks for the great stuff. Wish you all the best for the future.

Take care
Anonymous said…
Thanks KageSenshi!!
Zamri said…
Thanks for the repo. compiz can be run from Gnome with its desktop effects menu. You can also run compiz with Beryl manager. Just run Beryl Manager and then select which one window manager you want to use : beryl, compiz or normal kwin/metacity (gnome) wm.

I am also glad to hear that it doesn't mess up with the original compiz packages.
Unknown said…
@ Zamri

err .. this is not beryl .. this is Compiz Fusion , the offspring of Compiz and Beryl merge ..

My packages does replace the current official fedora compiz-0.3.6 packages ..s
Zamri said…
i know that. Try beryl. u'll know it will run compiz too.
Unknown said…
sadly .. that still does not work in my computer ..
Anonymous said…
hello, I deem you have done a great job!
Unfortunately, it does not work for me...
Can you tell me how I can disable everything and return to what I had before -- that is, the simple Metacity, without Compiz, Beryl, or Compiz-Fusion?
Thanks a lot (from Italy)
Anonymous said…
The new repository seems to be missing some essential compiz packages (eg "compiz").
Unknown said…

simply uninstalling doesnt work? compiz wont launch if you didnt start it ..

if you used using desktop-effects menu when trying to enable it, you might want to check this gconf value.


and set it to metacity

you can do that using gconf-editor or using these commands

# to check the value
gconftool-2 --get /apps/gnome-session/rh/window_manager

# to set the value to metacity
gconftool-2 --set --type string /apps/gnome-session/rh/window_manager metacity
Unknown said…
@ anonymous

yikes .. give me 20 minutes to rebuild them and upload it.. (seems like I accidentally deleted it again when renaming packages)
Unknown said…

Done .. ok .. back to sleep
Anonymous said…
fusion-icon is not working for me whereas compiz-icon worked where can i get the compiz-icon rpm
Unknown said…
I dont have compiz-icon tarballs anymore

but you can get the specfile here

compiz-icon code can be acquired using this command
git clone git://
Darrell said…
Just love your work!! Thank you!! I ran into some problems, and wanted to reinstall, used the new repository, but gives me "Metadata file does not match checksum".
Darrell said…
Another question, i have a HP NX8220 with an ATi Radeon Mobility X600 3D Accelerator, and running Fedora 7, i have read and tried almost every possible solution to get my fglrx driver to work, with no success. If im not mistaken, you have a ATi card, running compiz? What driver are you using?
Thank you in advance!
Ted said…
Thanks, great stuff.

Need your help on the problem I posted in

Sorry for the duplicate post

Anonymous said…
Awesome instructions and awesome results. Except- After messing around enough, I've discovered that using Emerald as the decorator causes things to freeze up within seconds, usually when scrolling in, say, Opera. But it's not limited to that. Using GTK as the decorator works fine though (so far). Any clue (or solution) as to why Emerald causes the freezeups? I'm running AMD x64 with latest nvidia proprietary driver, but have done tons of troubleshooting to no avail.
Anonymous said…
Thank you!
Anonymous said…
Hi Erik, Try this.. It fixed a similar issue for me with beryl.

In /etc/modprobe.d/nvidia


options NVreg_ModifyDeviceFiles=0

to (all on one line)

options nvidia NVreg_RegistryDwords="PerfLevelSrc=0x2222" NVreg_Mobile=3 NVreg_ModifyDeviceFiles=0
Anonymous said…
hi...I have just installed compiz fusion on fedora 7 using your repos...I removed compiz before doing it but I have a problem: when i launch compiz fusion i have a white bar under my gnome panel and other problems...I have an intel 950 video card...can you tell me how to set it for working with compiz fusion? on my ubuntu it worked fine but on fedora not :( helppp
Unknown said…
the white border at panels and popups are a known problem with the gtk-window-decorator of the particular compiz version which I packaged .. just use emerald as ur decorator and that'll dissappear ..

p/s: goto fedoraforum to find compiz 0.6.0 if you like .. I dont think i'll be updating my packages until my semester break.
Anonymous said…
ok now has only a few crashes (sometimes when i turn on my laptop the bars disapperar but is ok) thank you very much man and good luck 4 your studies...lorenzo
anshuman said…
hope you update repos soon.

Compiz 0.60 seems to be released now.
Anonymous said…
cayalah melayu! terima kasih daun keladi...
Anonymous said…
ey dude!this is awesome but can i ask ummm can this also be for fedora 9?coz thats wat im using now and im having a hard time wid it im still new wid it can u help me man
Unknown said…
compiz packages are now maintained within Fedora main repositories.

Follow this guide for it (might be a bit outdated, but it should get you the basic stuff) :

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