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31st August - Malaysia Independence Day Anniversary .. and TMnut blocked my IRC access???

(Flag img taken from Ditesh's post ) Okay .. its 31st August again .. the anniversary of Malaysia independence from Great Britain .. and I'm at home for a holiday .. and guess what .. I noticed a shocking discovery .. The DARNED TMnut blocked my IRC access!!! - on port 6667 in particular Some Xchat output * Looking up * Connecting to ( port 6667... * Connection failed. Error: Connection refused * Looking up * Connecting to ( port 6667... * Connection failed. Error: Connection refused * Disconnected (). * Looking up * Connecting to ( port 6667... * Connection failed. Error: Connection refused * Disconnected (). * Looking up * Connecting to ( port 6667... * Connection failed. Error: Connection refused * Looking up * Connecting to ( port 6669... * Connected. Now l

Status of Compiz Fusion packages submission into Fedora

I noticed Adel Gaddlah ( drago01 ) have submitted several compiz-fusion packages for review in BZ. He already pushed compiz-bcop into rawhide and in the process of getting the fusion plugins reviewed #253692 Review Request: compiz-fusion - Collection of Compiz Fusion plugins for Compiz #253693 Review Request: compiz-fusion-extras - Additional Compiz Fusion plugins for Compiz With this semester seems like its gonna be a busy semester, guess I'll just leave the fedora submission & maintaining to him.. hope the packages will get into fedora before the feature freeze .. On a sidenote .. i just noticed screenlets now have 0.0.10 release available .. and it now works with Fedora (the older release doesnt work because Fedora's DBUS version was too new for it). I'll package it when I have time. Future I'm currently mirroring rawhide into my LAN server and planning to switch from F7 to rawhide when its done. Once compiz-fusion 0.5.2 gets it way into Fedora, i'll

Getting Compiz Fusion into Fedora | UiTM iHack 2007 Result

Getting Compiz Fusion into Fedora Progress compiz-bcop ( #247405 ) package passed review a around 2 weeks ago .. but i just noticed today that i need a sponsor to get that package into fedora .... err .... some help ??? .. i'm not familiar with the process.. compiz-bcop, compiz-fusion-plugins-main, libcompizconfig final RPMS are available in my fedorapeople space .. those rpms built nicely on mock and rpmlint at the src rpm is silent .. UiTM iHack 2007 Result Yay~ ... my team won 1st place in Forensic Challenge and 2nd place in Capture the Flag. My university sent out 2 teams : Pr0j3ct T4ng0 - My team Fnord - The other team Plus, one of our alumni joined as a private team with his friends from other Universities. Team name - Tang0 The game was fun .. though the prizes are not as tempting as last year's iHack competition .. (higher money .. but no gadgets .. perhaps next year iHack committee should find more sponsors .. and btw ...

Compiz Fusion 0.5.2 packages | UiTM iHack 2007 | Hakaze 2ch-Type Forum/BBS Engine

Compiz Fusion 0.5.2 Packages Its available in the main repo now .. both i386 and x86_64 packages .. a little sidenote about the packages : 1 primary thing .. its not compatible with compiz 0.5.2 package from rawhide due to the one on rawhide is patched with a patch that forces indirect-rendering .. this, causes Nvidia cards to misbehave and also causes fusion-icon to need a patch to inverse its indirect-rendering option to direct-rendering .. UiTM iHack Competition I'm entering this competition tomorrow ... 2 days competition .. 1st day - computer forensic competition , 2nd day - ctf competition ... me and my friends entering both - 2 teams ... Hope we'll get 1st/2nd place with ctf like we did last year .. (They call it International Hacking Competition, but i have NO idea whats "international" with it .. perhaps its just yet another "Bolehland" attitude) Hakaze 2ch-Type Forum/BBS Engine For the past month i

Compiz-Fusion just released official tarballs

I just noticed something a few minutes ago .. Compiz Fusion have released their official tarballs!!!! This is nice ... guess i'll skip doing homeworks for today and tomorrow ... wanna package this thing ... homeworks can wait .. :P With the release of official tarballs for compiz fusion, i hope i can get it properly submitted into fedora .. (the git packages changes too much.. .thus makes me not confident to send them for review) .. Off I go ... ~~

A busy 2 weeks

AAAA------(#-#)-----AAA!!!! new semester have started .. timetable clashes everywhere ... had to drop and add different set of subjects .. *sigh ..... and lectures have started giving project works on the first week .. (0.o) heck ... i want to get back to doing geekstuff and start back watching anime~ .. (T_T) compiz-fusion packages will be updated after my timetable issue and related stuff have been resolved .. i'm planning to create a package for community plugins which are not in compiz-fusion-plugins-{main,extra} .. dear lazywebs .. any suggestions of plugins?