Theme change

New looks for a new year .. :P

Actually, i got annoyed with the old theme where the main section is not wide enough to be comfortable with. Especially when the blog post is long.

So, I decided to google for some new blogger theme and decided to pick this : After some hack around and tweaking to my taste, the result is what you see now.

Comments whether this theme better/not than the previous theme are appreciated.


Anonymous said…
Red elements on this site hurt my eyes. ouch!
Unknown said…
Any suggestions of other colors?. In my view, for the post title, it look okay as it highlights the post title. And the red is not that glaring.

But i dont like the red 'Shadow Logs' :P (will change it later when i have time)
Anonymous said…
This theme look better...though it's brighter...heehee...tweak a little up there...maybe tweak the margins for the links...?...the quote,"Whatever happened,it might just be me" and the first link,wiki link are too near...No offense,just an opinion...

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