Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Holiday @ Cameron Highlands

Date: 21-22 Dec 2007
Place: Cameron Highlands
Who: My family and 3 other neighbor families
Purpose: Its holiday + for fun

Here are some pics I took during our trip there. Most of them were taken using my 2MegaPixel P990i camera except for the 640*480 pics.

Tea Plantation
Rose Valley
Butterfly Garden

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Theme change

New looks for a new year .. :P

Actually, i got annoyed with the old theme where the main section is not wide enough to be comfortable with. Especially when the blog post is long.

So, I decided to google for some new blogger theme and decided to pick this : http://bloggertemplates.itmag.org/2007/11/blogger-template-underground.html. After some hack around and tweaking to my taste, the result is what you see now.

Comments whether this theme better/not than the previous theme are appreciated.

Firefox3 Beta2 Release

I woke up today with a Firefox popup on my desktop, notifying that my firefox is now upgraded to Firefox 3 Beta 2. Note that I install firefox beta in my home folder, so, automatic update JustWorks(tm)

See whats new here : http://en-us.www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/3.0b2/whatsnew/

What noticable is, at last, the visual refresh for Linux is here!!

And the new addressbar is cool.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Working from home

Shamelessly modified from Tom "Spot" Callaway post : http://spot.livejournal.com/279249.html

Waking up on 6am to catch the bus: Lame
Getting a ride from a colleague to the office: Awesome
Staying back at the office till late night due to unfinished task: Lame
Working from home: Priceless

There are somethings that money cannot buy, for everything else, there's Inigo Tech

(^o^) (^.^) (^-^)

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

HOWTO: Making VIM in FreeBSD, Linux-user friendly

The hellish semester have ended, and I just started my 8 month internship with Inigo-Tech. I've also got an access to the company's FreeBSD server. However, one thing annoys me - the VIM acts in a way i'm not familiar with.

A quick hack to resolve this annoyance.

from the linux box
scp /etc/vimrc server.host.com:/path/to/homefolder/.vimrc

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