Calling all Malaysian Fedora users and contributors

Fedora presence in Malaysia is quite hidden from the general public. Fedora users in Malaysia are everywhere, but hard to find due to most of them being in their own, secluded, microcommunity. A number of small companies, government offices, organizations, have Fedora deployments in them with their own group of users, but they are hard to notice.

Me and my comrades have just created and registered a channel in for our own Malaysian community. Come and join us at #fedora-my @

We are also planning for a site for Fedora Malaysia in but our capacity is limited as all of us are quite busy with out current job. Yes, we are looking for more hands to help making this a reality.

We are quite related to #MyOSS and Ubuntu-My usergroup. Together with FOSS-SM, we work together to spread FOSS love in Malaysia.

All Fedora and Fedora derivatives (RHEL, CentOS, Blag, etc) users are welcomed. I'll be waiting for you. ^-^


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