ITL & Minbar in Fedora

With regards to a question in FWN issue 117

Prayer Time for Fedora

Riam budhi: I wanted to ask you, where is I can download prayer time ( I am muslim)?


Unfortunately, this software isn't available in the Fedora repository yet and I couldn't locate any good alternatives. This is now a opportunity for you to be a contributor to Fedora and maintain the software in the Fedora repository.

I've packaged the Islamic Tools & Library and Minbar. They are waiting for review currently.

libitl: #431181
itools: #431186
minbar: #431188


Anonymous said…
Frankly, it would be better if religion and operating systems would not mix. Or attempt to. I hope those packages will be blocked.
KageSenshi said…
while the app above is a religion app, its just yet another OSS project to the OS.

if its Free and covered under a proper OSS license, no reason it should be blocked.

A user asked for a particular software to be packaged, I happen to know what the software and already have my own packaged one, so there it is.

Nothing religious in this package submission, its just yet-another-rpm that need review.
Anonymous said…
There are at least three packages related to the Bible already in the Fedora repositories - bibletime and three packages related to the "sword" project. These Islamic packages are setting no precedent in that regard. They've been available in Ubuntu for some time, as well.

I am a Muslim, by the way, so this is great news for me, alhamdulillaah!

Anonymous said…
kagesenshi, I didn't realize this was your blog (I thought you were just commenting), so thank you for reviewing the packages. I came here via Liferea (that should explain my aloofness). It's much appreciated!


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