And the results are ....

Malaysian Election 2008 result is out.

Barisan National got their ass seriously kicked!!.

They won simple majority at Parliament, and loses a bunch of states. DAP leading bigtime with Penang and Selangor seats majorly won by them.

With this result, lets see in this coming years, will BN will start fixing themselves? Will the Oppositions start seeing the real economics condition of Malaysia from the eyes of Parliament? How this will affect the stability of Malaysia? Can BN be able to find what's wrong with their organization? Can the Oppositions deliver their promises? Will the hidden voice within BN will raise and start reforming the party?

Will Change happens? to the better? or to the worse?

Let the coming years be the benchmark.


Anonymous said…
BN got too darn arrogant man. Slowly turning into a family business. This time it is no longer an issue of race...we are just to darn fed up and want a change.

I pray the many elected YBs will truly live up to their billings.

Unknown said…
yeah.. they do deserve some kick at their asses.

let this become the time for them to reflect themselves and fix stuff which they have been doing wrong.

and the oppositions, considering they are now in control of 2 money-making state (Selangor/Penang), time for them to prove their promises.

lets wait and see, will the BR coalition which mainly have different agendas will be able to maintain stability of .MY? will BN wakeup and raise from the ashes?

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