Workspace Upgraded!

First up in this post. Workspace v0.1.

This was my workspace since I started my internship with Inigo. Small, compact, with only my 1024x768 resolution of my loyal companion Thinkpad R51.

After 4 months with Inigo, 1024x768 started to feel too small to work with. So, on the last PIKOM PC Fair, I decided to grab one external monitor to plug to this laptop for extra screen real-estate. Kaeru recommended me to grab one very big screen - 22inch - and I went for it.

Lucky for me, Dell was having a promotion for their E228WFP Entry Level monitor. For only 849 MYR (approx 265 USD), I'll get a 22inch TFT monitor with 5 years warranty. Tempted, I bought it. Its not cash-n-carry, so I had to wait a week for the monitor.

A week after

The monitor arrived!!!

Setting up for dual display is a little bit tricky with my laptop's i855gm. First, Xrandr couldnt detect all of the resolutions of my 22inch screen. After some tweaking with Xorg.conf and guessing config entries, I got it working at last.

Second tricky part was setting the dual screen layout for left-right position. Sadly I discovered that for i855gm, maximum virtual space is only 2048x2048. So, I had to instead use top-bottom layout to get dualhead working.

Once I understood and accepted the two limitation above, the new gnome-display-properties rocks!!!. It make it easier to configure dual display screen locations and enabling/disabling displays using Xrandr.

And .... Workspace v0.2 is released!!!!

Now, If only I can put that 22inch monitor higher so that i don't need to strain my neck typing on the left, with the display on the right.



easternC said…
I want 1!!!
hahaha tak bleh tahan, R51 + 22inch on a coffee table... lol ~
Anonymous said…
Should've gone for their SP2208WFP dude.. 22" Widescreen with UltraSharp High Definition totally rocks your world upside down :D
Anonymous said…
Its not true that intel 855GM cannot support more than 2048x2048. It can, it cannot initialize the DRI at larger virtual screens.

If you can survive without compiz/glxgears/blender you will be just fine with the following option in your xorg.conf:

Section "Screen"
SubSection "Display"
Viewport 0 0
Virtual 2704 1050

This assuming you have 1680x1050 22 inches monitor.

You will still be able to use XVideo overlay (for example video playing full screen on the large monitor while you work on the laptop's monitor.
Unknown said…

its expensive... and i dont really need UltraSharp .. Just need more space to work with..


I'v tried that before and failed, but ur comment made me noticed what I did wrong. I put the 'Virtual' option at the wrong location. I didn't put it in SubSection 'Display' but at the parent Section 'Screen' ..

Thanks .. its working nicely now :D
Khairil said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
me too bought that monitor . now reading my php is much more easier with dual monitor setup

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