Exporting Plone3.0 Memberdata and Passwords

I need to export plone accounts from Inigo Intranet to LDAP. To accomplish that, first I need some way to export the data I need. Plone itself does not have such tool for it (that I know of).

Not so long ago, Kaeru pointed me to a zope script for such purpose, however, the script fails to extract passwords from Plone3.0 mainly due to passwords are now managed by the PluggableAuthService - which made getPassword() to return None and _getPassword() to raise NotImplementedError. I don't know whether somebody forgot to implement those functions into PAS or it was purposely done. Googling lead me to this page in plone.org and from there, to this other script. Again, none of them able to extract the password hashes. I lost hope with google, and to the source I went.

After a whole night digging through the plone source, at last, I managed to found the method to extract the hash. So, heres the External Script which I wrote to extract stuff I want.

# Memberdata export script for Plone 3.0
# based on:
# http://transcyberia.info/archives/23-howto-sync-mailman-from-plone.html
# http://www.zopelabs.com/cookbook/1140753093
# http://plone.org/documentation/how-to/export-member-data-to-csv
# desc:
# None of the scripts above can extract password hashes on Plone3.0,
# Execute this as normal External Script, and DON'T make it public accessible
# (unless you don't mind people having your hashes). You have been warned.
# Have fun (^,^)

from StringIO import StringIO
import csv
import time

def getMembersCSV(self):

request = self.REQUEST
text = StringIO()
writer = csv.writer(text)

# core properties (username/password)
core_properties = ['member_id','password']

# extra portal_memberdata properties
extra_properties = ['fullname',

properties = core_properties + extra_properties



for memberId in membership.listMemberIds():
row = []
for property in properties:
if property == 'member_id':
elif property == 'password':
member = membership.getMemberById(memberId)


'inline;filename=members-%s.csv' %

return text.getvalue()

Have fun (^.^)


Unknown said…

I could sense an approaching world of pain as I attempted to extract password hashes, you saved me! /bows
ta5ae said…
For exporting from a 3.2 site I made some minor changes to the script.

line: 45

for member in membership.searchForMembers(groupname=group):
memberId = member.getId()

line 53

if member:

NB: Last check may not be necessary

add indenting where necessary, could not use pre or code tags
Jim said…
Thank you very much -- this saved me a lot of time. I'm obliged.
Anonymous said…
Thanks. This example is still valid for Plone 4. :)
Anonymous said…
The member properties and hash extraction is valid for Plone 2.5.5 also.

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