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Brasero creates a hidden md5 checksum in Data CD/DVD

Brasero is my primary disc burning application. Today, while burning the completed anime series from my ever growing collection, I noticed something at the root of the disc. A file named .checksum.md5 . The content?, MD5 checksum for all the files in the CD/DVD. Now, this is convenient :D.

Firstname Lastname dilemma

I've been quite annoyed with the naming system Malaysian Malay use.. In our culture, normally, people doesnt use "FirstName LastName" system, but "GivenName FatherName" instead. Ok, for local use, its not much a problem as people here understand the system. But when it come to dealing with international softwares/people, it got tricky, and sometimes, frustating. For quite a number of people, "GivenName FatherName" system doesn't hurt them much because their parent only give them 1 word name, and the father only have 1 word name. So they just assume GivenName as FirstName and FatherName as LastName. But, the system also allows the use of very long names that make it hard to differentiate which is which, and I am one of those with such names. "Mohd Izhar Firdaus Ismail" - heh, try finding which name to call me from that name (I'm assuming you are not Malaysian) - I'm pretty sure most will just call me "Mohd". I perso

OpenDocument Templates by Lotus Symphony

I browsed through Lotus Symphony website just now, just to check out what new in Lotus Symphony as the first and the last time I used it was during its alpha stage. One thing great that I noticed, a whole gallery of templates in ODF Template format!!! . Stuff ranging from document templates to presentation designs and cliparts. And due to it uses the ODF Template format, I can open them in no problem on OpenOffice. And I thought, "Great!, some free templates to use, but, what these are licensed on?". Looking at the term of use : Content from this Web site that is not provided under an agreement, such Content is not provided as "public domain"; you may use such Content for your personal, non-commercial use only and only in connection with your use of Lotus Symphony. Erm, ain't that defeat the purpose of providing business document templates (invoice, meeting, project status, reports, sales plan

Linpus Linux == Fedora, but poorly done The hardware is based on the Intel Atom Processor which will be used in the Asus EeePC 1000. If you navigate to /etc/system-release you will discover that Linpus is based on a fork of Fedora 8 (Werewolf). That’s better. Much better. Fedora has managed to avoid shabby deals with Microsoft and playing fast and loose with Kernel source code and the GPL. At last, a version of GNU/Linux on an ultra portable you can use with a clear conscience. Being a stripped-down version of Fedora it lacks both make and gcc (and probably ncurses too, though the binaries may be included in the distro but just excluded from the default installation). That will not bother novices or newbies much but it will hack off advanced users—no pun intended. On the plus side though, Linpus comes bundled with MP3, WMV and Flash support and plugins. Package management is courtesy of Synaptic but as Linpus is really Fedora, package

Wow. Seems like a large horde of people in Planet Fedora are jumping ship from Twitter to . While I do have a twitter account , but I'm not that active. Anyway, guess I'll jump to the bandwagon too in the spirit of supporting FOSS : . /me anxiously wait for desktop integration (twitux, or similar), and phone based client (jtwitter or similar).

Mailing List for Fedora Malaysia

Yay!, ticket #551 has been closed. Announcing the fedora-my-list for Malaysia Fedora Users and Contributors. The link is below: Feel free to communicate in Bahasa Malaysia or English (or Manglish , or "Rojak", or whatever) there :P.

Huh?? Its an article about MS, but suddenly: As a matter of fact, some people are fed up with Vista enough to switch to a Mac or Linux. Fedora Linux has come a long way which provides a free operating system and desktop applications, all for free. Go Fedora!!