Code Geass: Zero Requiem

Its been a while since i last post something in this blog. A bit of a change from the usual tech posts, an anime-related post - Code Geass's R2 final episode.

Since Eureka Seven, its been a while that I last experienced withdrawal after a series. Throughout the 2 seasons, Code Geass have been a very enjoyable ride. The story are well written and well presented. The non-stop feeding of cliffhangers, the plot where good and evil are different based on perception, made it a very enjoyable and fun ride.

Fact of life, everything has to end, Code Geass officially ended last week. Lelouch a.k.a Zero strategic mind, ideals and personality made it to the top of the my most-respected anime character list. And his final sacrifice .. is EPIC.

Lelouch Vi Britannia / Lelouch Lamperouge , once a prince of the Holy Britannian Empire - the empire that have taken over half of the world population through military forces - seek to create a new peaceful world where his sister, Nunnaly - who was blinded and lost her walking ability when their mother was killed - could live a peaceful and happy life. A world without war, where everyone living peaceful with each other. One day he met a mysterious girl, called C.C., and was given a power to force absolute obedience - a Geass - and that power have created him a key to change the world. Under the faceless mask of Zero, he created the Order of The Black Knights to take down his father's empire and recreate the world.

Zero Requiem: Lelouch's final masterplan of creating a new world - by directing the world's hate toward himself - to make people forget the Euphemia "Massacre Princess" tragedy, and for recreating the world. He successfully unite everyone by taking over the whole world and made the whole world hated him by being a tyrannical dictator - an act that made everyone unite under a common trait - despising the Emperor Lelouch. The closure of Zero Requiem, is he plotting his own death - bringing everyone's hatred with him, and successfully fulfilled his objective - to destroy and recreate the world.

A bitter ending, yet sweet and memorable.

Lelouch have taken over the world, as a tyrannical dictator, and made the whole world hate him.

Zero reappears, behind the mask was previously Lelouch, now, Suzaku have taken this symbol of justice.

Suzaku, Lelouch's best friend since childhood, taken the honor to finish the Zero Requiem, and also taken the final wish of Lelouch, to live as Zero for the rest of his life, becoming the symbol of justice.

Final smile before the end.

The final verse of the Zero Requiem. Rest in peace Lelouch. T_T

Several of my favourite quotes from Code Geass:

If the king doesn't move, then his subjects won't follow.
Lelouch Vi Britannia

The world won't change with pretty words alone
Lelouch Vi Britannia

If being powerless is evil, is having power justice? Is revenge evil? Can friendship coexist with justice?
Lelouch Vi Britannia

Those with power, fear us! Those without power, seek us! The world should be judge by us, The Order of the Black Knights.
Lelouch Vi Britannia

Will there be sacrifice? Yes and not just soldiers, but innocent bystanders, as well. Even so ... no ... because of that, I cannot stop. Even if I need to cheat and hurt others, I must persevere. To that end I must become carnage incarnate. I must spill yet more blood, so that the blood already spilt will not be in vain.
Lelouch Vi Britannia

Inequality is not an evil. Equality itself is evil
Emperor Charles Di Britannia

Good and evil are simply different sides of the card
Emperor Charles Di Britannia

And the one I liked the most:

Those who may shoot are only those who are prepared to get shot themselves
Lelouch Vi Britannia

While Sunrise made everyone wonder whether Lelouch is still alive, I'm guessing this is the end of Lelouch legend. Even if he is still alive and travelling with C.C, the wars already ended. Anyhow, an OVA to wrap up everything would be great.

All in all, Code Geass is a recommended watch for those who haven't watch it. The whole 2 seasons of Code Geass was very enjoyable to me.


Unknown said…
True those are some of the best quotes I have ever heard in an anime. I will miss this show, it was the best 2 season I've seen in a long time.
Unknown said…
this anime is awesome and the best of the best. it has great twists on its storyline that made the audience cry out from their hearts. i am really hoping that another anime like this would appear on our screens and give us the same, if not greater, fun that we had in this anime! sunrise and clamp surely are good couples. ALL HAIL LELOUCH! ^_______^
Anonymous said…
I agree that the last quote was one of the most memorable anime quotes ever made, but to me it would've been better if it was the word "kill" for it fits the Zero Requiem & the anime's plot more than the word "shoot".
Something like, "Those who may kill are only those who are prepared to get killed themselves".

Lelouch's Zero Requiem is about the planning of his imminent death, in preparation for the whole world to attain true peace. The story also involved characters who kill for their cause & got killed for it.
Anonymous said…
they do use "kill" in the English dub

i love this show... LELOUCH FOR PRESIDENT!!!!!
Anonymous said…
long live Lelouch!!!!!! T_T
Bartimeus said…
All hail lelouch, All hail Britania !
Anonymous said…
um isn't lelouch still alive if he dead din't CC dead too?

by Darkside_boy13
Anonymous said…
Lelouch? Dead? Wrong! Check this picture here on Flickr. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.
paepae said…
um....first....i need to correct of of his quotes....
it is:
'if the king does not lead, how can he expect his sub-ordinates to follow?" ....sorry...thats my favorite quote and had to fix it so i woulndt have a pet peeve haunting me
Anonymous said…
Lelouch isn't dead. To presen this at the very end of the episode it showed c2 laying on top of a moving hay cart. She said "Geass the power of kings is said to bring one solitude."Then she looked toward the driver of the cart and said, "Not exactly accurate eh,Lelouch?" I think that since the driver was wearing a cloth across his face it was actually Lelouch. The way he might have lived is either a miracle or if c2 gave him her immortality before Suzaku stabbed him.
Anonymous said…
I think Lelouch is still alive.. because CC wish that she wants to die.. so she made a contract to lelouch.. it looks like that the immortality of CC has been passed
to lelouch.. so that CC is no
longer immortal. ♥♦♣♠
Anonymous said…
I LOVED THIS ANIME^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ it was soooo sad and epic at the end *tear* awesome

Fav quote;
"the only ones that should kill are those prepared to be killed" (english Dub)


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