CompizFusion DesktopEffects Dialog

A little something I wrote last night.

So, what it do?. Simply a little workaround of the problem Fedora users had for quite a long time - getting Compiz Fusion to run on login properly using ccp (libcompizconfig) plugin. The "Advanced" button will launch Simple-CCSM, and the "Expert" button will launch CCSM ( the buttons are disabled if the command doesn't exist).

Why not I create this long ago??. The infrastructure to drop in a window manager without patching gnome-wm was not available before. The recent change in GNOME to use a .desktop file to launch the window manager and "/desktop/gnome/session/required_components/windowmanager" gconf key to store window manager selection made this now possible - bit more elegantly.

Git Repository
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I wonder if this can be accepted in the repo.

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