Saturday, June 28, 2008

BarCamp Malaysia 2008 : Open for registration

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From: Kamal Fariz
Subject: [barcampmalaysia] BarCamp Malaysia Registration Is Now Open

Hey all,
We just opened the BarCamp Malaysia registration. Seats are limited to 150 people only, so hurry and sign up.

There are already a handful of sessions lined up for the two-day event. Check them out at We look forward to more sessions, so do your part and propose more!


So, I've decided to go.

Hurm .. what should I help with eh..

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Is this why APT depsolve/search is fast?

On a blog post about libBCD dependency resolution algorithm test (which Yum/APT fails, and zypper scores):

Debian’s apt-get won’t succeed here, because AFAIK Debian only has dependencies across packages, not on libraries. Actually I still wonder how smart could succeed here using a debian backend. I ignore if apt-rpm does support library dependencies.

While I can't verify this (not that familiar with the deb packaging), but if that is really true, it more or less explains why apt is faster than yum - they dont have much stuff to consider and process in the metadata. Yum+RPM can do dep check by libraries, files, executables, perl modules, and some other modules, which makes the metadata large, and depsolve requires more stuff to consider. So, APT-deb users, stop complaining YUM is slow (/me stares at ubuntu zombies) :P

Do tell me if that is wrong :)

On another note, Yaakov M. Nemoy wrote a very good post about why its not good to standardize to only 1 packaging system and package format across distributions.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Symbian going FOSS?

Noticed this from an aggregated post in Planet Fedora by Adam Jackson - Symbian Foundation.

The Symbian Foundation will provide, manage and unify the platform for its members. Also, it will commit to moving the platform to open source during the next two years, with the intent to use the Eclipse Public License.

Pressure from Google Android??. Change of heart??. Anyway, its still a good sign for FOSS world :)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Git and

I just started learning to use git a few days ago. Mainly because of the convenient of being able to host a git repository on a dumb http server, and ability to local commit.

However, I had a minor problem pushing a git repository to my account through ssh push. "Permission denied when executing post-update hook". Asking at #fedora-admin got me this answer - "home folders are mounted noexec", now, thats explains. Nonetheless, a minor hack by replacing the post-update script with a symlink to git-update-server-info seems to get around it.

Surprisingly, when I woke up today, I saw Jeremy Katz's post : More git support for fedorapeople. FedoraPeople now have a functional GitWeb and gitserve! - eventhough its beta and might go away, still, thanks a lot Jeremy!!.

P/S: OneClickInstall is a misleading name, renamed my python parser for OneClickInstall metadata from yum-oneclickinstall to Chitin (Dead insects trapped in Amber might leave some trace of Chitin after its organic structure disappeared - source). With this new git support in fedorapeople, I moved the code from my play-around-googlecode-svn to this shiny new home at fedorapeople gitweb. Checkout using :

git clone git://
# or
git clone

Monday, June 23, 2008

OSCC Mirror

So, at last the Open Source Competency Center, Cyberjaya _finally_ have mirrors running. Theres Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, ArchLinux mirrored. For the Fedora Mirror (only F9), here are the baseurls:

Everything :$basearch
Updates :$basearch/

However, sadly, its only a 8Mbps mirror - rather surprising for a government-supported organization. I've asked whether they want to be in automated by-nearest-country mirrorlist reply so that the mirror can get a one nice DDoS, not sure whether they'll take that idea or not.

Update: Haris said, he want to proceed. I hope it goes well. Yet, I don't want MirrorManager to reply list with only that OSCC mirror. Coz with 8Mbps, I doubt it can really handle it >.< . Hopefully, that once they get themselves in , that can be a big enough traction to push their higher ups for bigger bandwidth. I hate to admit this: only 8Mbps from a country like Malaysia, is quite embarrassing.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

OneClickInstall for Yum

Spent the whole day today learning Python ElementTree. And the product, a yum plugin for parsing OpenSuSE's One Click Install metadata, though, its still quite incomplete.

I've always wanted something like OCI, and I've been using RPM MetaPackages for most of my previous use. However, MetaPackages have some limitations, one of which it might conflict with existing RPMs, and if I use a lot of metapackages, I'll end up with a rpm database filled with them and each of them must have a unique name. That is good enough for sysadmins, but it can be a hassle for the so-called 'users' in the long term.

OpenSuSE's implementation looks more suitable for me, so, after waiting for quite some time for someone to implement it on fedora (and nobody has - or I didn't notice it), I decided to jump and write my own. However, the implementation on OpenSuSE is only for YaST (which I guess it beats the purpose of having the XML format multi-distro), so, I need to write my own parser.

I have experience writing yum plugins for adding features into yum for specific purposes, so what I needed is to figure out how to extract data from the XML file and install them. Gladly, ElementTree serve that purpose very well. Python Rocks!!.

For those interested to try it out, the code is here - It works ok through command line, though for GUI, I guess it'll need some work.

To use, first, install it as you would to install any yum plugin (I won't help here, coz I don't want any 'users' to use it at this moment). Get a OneClickInstall XML file, theres an example in the code folder or write your own (OpenSuSE specification is good) and run:

# to install packages
yum oci-install oneclickinstallxmlfile

# to query metadata for packages
yum oci-query packages oneclickinstallxmlfile

# to query metadata for details
yum oci-query details oneclickinstallxmlfile

# to query metadata for repositories
yum oci-query repositories oneclickinstallxmlfile

(Of course, thats nowhere near being One-click)

Installing packages kindof works, but I'm still working on the ability to install 3rd party repository (the code is there, just need to think of some way to make it safe). Adding 3rd party repo feature is controversially not safe, as mixing repositories might make user end up with dependencies and compatibility problems. So, need to think of a good way to handle that.

Anyway, happy trying it. :D

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Barcamp Malaysia

Lets help some promotion :P. (Though I'm still not sure whether I can attend or not)

What’s the story?

This July 26th, the Malaysian scene will EXPLODE into a orgy of mass-sharing and learning with the arrival of BarCampMalaysia.

If you’re into early-stage web applications, and related open source technologies, social protocols, open data formats, and connecting with like-minds, BarCampMalaysia will stroke you the right way.

Wanna feel the heat?

"Attendees must  give a demo, a session, or help with one. This is called sharing and we like it."

Damn right.

You can start by copying and pasting anything from what you’re reading, or from our wiki, onto your own blog.

Go forth and multiply!

What is BarCamp Malaysia?

BarCampMalaysia is an ad-hoc gathering packed with discussions, demos, and interaction from attendees. It’s inspired by BarCamps all over the world, born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment.

The focus is on early-stage web applications, and related open source technologies, social protocols, and open data formats. But of course, you can only imagine what other random surprises are in store.

When and where is BarCamp Malaysia happening?

July 26-27, 2008
Saturday 10:00 AM-6:00PM (official section)
Hangout time 6pm to Sunday morning
Sunday 10:00 AM-2:00PM
xTrain Sdn Bhd
Unit E-7-1, Block E
Megan Avenue 1
189 Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur
Google map - View

Wow this is mind-blowing! I want to know more!

Go to the wiki, read up, and add your name as a participant.

You can also

And remember to blog about this!

See you there!

To Fedorans who are at the Fedora User Developer Conference (FUDCon) Boston, enjoy ur BarCamp tomorrow. (I'm not there, its 13 timezones away >.< )

Tadaima!!!. ( I'm Back!! )

So, i've been away from blogging for about 3 months now .. Reason? .. simply lazy and lack of motivation to blog .. haha .. Anyway, I'm back :)

Btw, I got myself this a few weeks ago!

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