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Dear Lazywebs : SSH on low bandwidth connections

Anybody got tips on how to make SSH on low bandwidth / bad connections (eg: 0-4KBps) more bearable?

Disk snapshot backup in Linux

From #myoss @ <kaeru> what do linux people do for full backups? <kaeru> freebsd there is dump/restore <kaeru> do people use that for ext3 still or is there a better way? <sweemeng> kaeru rsync? <kaeru> I mean disk level snapshots FreeBSD ufs2, as what we use in Inigo's Gambit, can easily create snapshots of a live filesystem using dump. However, ext2/ext3 used widely in Linux does not have such feature (as far as I know). But for those who want such feature, fear not, there is a feature in LVM called snapshots which more or less provide a similar thing. Fedora/RHEL/CentOS users might be familiar with the term LVM as the 3 distros uses LVM by default in their default installation partitioning scheme. Some people think LVM by default is a painful thing, but to me, its the opposite (until you need to get it to work with dualboot windows+linux env). Back to the topic, here's a little guide for those who want to do a full disk image

Code Quality Measurement - WTF/m


Steorn Orbo : Is the revolution near??

I'm quite a fan of science fictions, but when science fictions (might) become reality, it really intrigues me. Around middle of last year, I went googling for Free Energy Researches simply out of interests. Then I found some news articles about this one company - Steorn about their accidental discovery of a mechanism to generate electricity from magnetic fields, with 200%++ efficiency (read: energy output more than 2 times of energy input). The CEO seems serious about it, and same goes to his employees. On 2006, they posted a full page advertisement on The Economics, challenging scientists and engineers to come to verify their claim scientifically. On 2007, they wanted to demonstrate a perpetual motion machine in Museum Kinetica, but unfortunately, the device malfunctions (ain't Murphy's Law awesome?). And on 4 February they are back, more convinced than ever, with lots of confidence announced that they will release everything to the public for non-commercial purposes u