Dear Lazywebs : SSH on low bandwidth connections

Anybody got tips on how to make SSH on low bandwidth / bad connections (eg: 0-4KBps) more bearable?


Anonymous said…
This might help if you open several connections to the same server:
Anonymous said…
Also, you can use the -C option for compression (or put Compression yes in the appropriate place in your ~/.ssh/config file). If either machine is very CPU-starved or ancient, this might not be a big help, though.
KageSenshi said…
thanks both of you


that tips helps in creating new connections .. but the lag when typing commands etc is still quite long..


i am using compression in my connection, though, its still not quite enough ..

I guess i had to live with this for the time being.

10-15seconds lag is kindof too long .. anyway .. thanks to both of you for responding

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