An update on the ***OSCon name issue

Ok, I've been poking around a lot lately :P

So an update on the trademark stuff in my previous post

So, I've got some clarification from the person in charge in the ***OSCon. Here's a snippet of the mail.

We are talking to O'Rilley for the use of OSCON, if they said no ahead, it will be OSCON, else we will use Conference.

OSDC will not appear as we have drafted - we have initiated and in the process of formalizing chapter - something that OSDC Club has agreed and excited about.

So, if they are going to properly protect the identity of the trademark, great!. Lets hope all the docs/webpages out there are properly updated soon.

From the email it looks like they are also another process of creating an Malaysia Open Source Developer Club for a different, post-event purpose.

Great then :D. Looking forward for more good news to tell, and bad stuff to attack. :P


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