Earth and Mankind

Random thoughts.

I wonder how people will react when theres a politician or philosopher create this statement

Racism will always exist as long as race exist regardless where you are in the world.

Nationalism will always exist as long as nations exists.

Racism and Nationalism are not much different in essence. Races fights to maintain superiority among other races or for their race survival. Nations/Countries fight to maintain superiority among other nations/countries or for the survival of the nation/country. Races/Nations/Countries also fights because their differing opinions.

Nations, countries, races should be destroyed altogether. Everyone should be prescribed to only one Way of Life.

We don't need Malaysia, Singapore, China, India, Arab, Israel, Palestine, United States, etc. We only need Earth.

We don't need Malay, Chinese, Indian, Arabs, Jews, Anglo-Saxon, or whatever race. We only need Mankind, Children of Adam.

Disagree on the statement nations and countries shouldn't exist, it means you are supporting nationalism.

Disagree on the statement races shouldn't exist, it means you are supporting racism.

Perhaps after some intelligent lifeform from other planets or worlds come to attack earth then will mankind start ignoring their differences. Does we really need another intelligent species that is on all ways different than us before mankind start realizing that they are one species?. Hope for such event to occur is way too farfetched, but perhaps, thats the only way.

There was once a time in the earth, where an Empire existed, and was growing with such value, but nationalism destroyed the empire by breaking it apart to several small, weak countries that fight each other. I wonder if mankind will able to recreate such Empire again, now that nationalism is a common trait in almost everyone on Earth.

Something to think about.


lufkin said…
cool.. hmm what about religion?

Kat Malaysia ni rupenye banyak jugak agnostic, and they support commune..

They believe religion has been created by human beings to strengthen the power of structure of the State..

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