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Fedora Activity Day Malaysia 2009 - MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference 2009 Event Report

A bit late for an event which happened last week,

Here goes..

31st May to 3rd June mark the date of the first MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference. The event gathered together a large number of local IT executives and developers in a packed 4 days event filled with lots of FOSS related talks and side events. Fedora Malaysia team was invited to get involved in the event, and naturally, we accepted and and 31st May mark the date of Fedora Malaysia team's first Fedora Activity Day!.

It all started as simply an event where Fedora-My will be getting a kiosk booth and a room space - shared with Ubuntu-My, OpenSuSE-My, MyBSD, and other local communities - for an install party. But the involvement by Red Hat APJ as a platinum sponsor of the event changed the direction for Fedora-My.

As a platinum sponsor, Red Hat was given a room on 31st May (which was an open / free-to-access day for the event) to do any activity they wished. Great thanks to Harish Pillay and crew from Red Hat APJ, that room was given to Fedora-My for our first Fedora Activity Day!.

Harish and crew brought along some nice Freedom Infinity Voice banners for the event, and sponsored the large number of Fedora T-Shirts which we gave away to the crowd. Big thanks to the Red Hat crew :D.

FAD-My 2009 was held in a conference-like style where our local team gave several talks related to Fedora, Fedora features and FOSS in general. Here was the schedule of the last FAD.

Fedora Electronic Lab (FEL) Overview1030-1100Mohd Syafarul Razi
Fedora Live USB1100-1145Shahriman Samsudin
How to get involved in Fedora Project1200-1230Mohd Izhar Firdaus Ismail
Lunch Break
KVM Virtualization as easy as 123 in Fedora1345-1415Syamsul Anuar Abd Nasir
SE Linux in a nutshell1415-1500Eric Yeoh
RPM Packaging HOWTO1500-1545Mohd Izhar Firdaus Ismail
Tea Break
Jboss: What the fuss is all about?1600-1645Muhammad Shuhir Idris
Closing remarks1645-1730Harish Pillay

The turn out was amazing, we had more than 50 attendees in the event (not sure the exact number, some said it reached 80) and the respond from the crowd was great too.

Last but not least, thanks to all who have been involved in the FAD especially Harish Pillay and Red Hat APJ for sponsoring swags, the room, and the whole conference itself. Without that support , the event won't be as successful.

To fellow Fedora-My comrades and Fedora users in Malaysia, this is not the end of stuff. More stuff will be coming from us in the near future, so stay tuned :D.

Pictures credits to SuMarDi
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