Web buttons

Created some Fedora web buttons to be put on Fedora-My website.

Icons taken from tango and gnome icon set. Font - MgOpen Modata

200x101 PNG set

Update #1: Changed background colour to follow Fedora guidelines
Update #2: Changed get-help link to help.fedoraproject.org


Máirín said…
Hi! Unfortunately the logo usage you've got there is against the guidelines, because the bubble of the infinity logo mark is indiscernable - you can't use it on a background that is the same color because it disappears.

Also, you probably shouldn't give out source files that include the Fedora logo...
Unknown said…
eh .. pantone 2935 is the light blue >.< /me goes to change it ..

Regarding the source file with Fedora logo, there are multiple SVGs in the wiki containing them.
Unknown said…
fixed, replaced the dark blue background with light blue

also removed the SVG online, replaced with a set of 200x101px images
Máirín said…
The changes you made a perfect! Thanks :)
nicu said…
Indeed, good work KageSenshi!
Paul W. Frields said…
One more suggestion -- change the URL for the "get help" button to "help.fedoraproject.org," which redirects to the right language for everyone.
Unknown said…

fixed :D

@mairin, @nicu

Thanks ^-^
Misha said…
I would like to translate these! :(
Anonymous said…
Very nice artwork! Good job.

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