Thursday, June 25, 2009

EventReport : FOSS Seminar at Mukah Polytechnic

I was at Mukah, Sarawak on the last 22nd and 23rd June 2009 for a FOSS Seminar organized by a Polytechnic college there. The polytechnic invited speakers from OSCC-MAMPU and Eric (an OSCC-MAMPU staff, an OpenSuSE Ambassador, and also a contributor in Fedora-My activities) invited me to tag along with him as a speaker. The event attendees were primarily lecturers and staff from Mukah Polytechnic itself, Kuching Polytechnic, and several nearby colleges.

First day talks attendees



It was a 2 days event where the first day was mainly filled with talks related several FOSS topics: "What is FOSS", "Trends in FOSS world", "GNU/Linux", "Security in FOSS", "Interoperability – Making FOSS and Windows play nice", and "FOSS development tools".

Second day workshop at the lab

The second day was an install workshop of Fedora and OpenSuSE and introduction of several GNOME features to the attendees. Me and Eric take turns on the talks and workshop.

On a different note, being in Mukah town was quite like an escape from busy city to both me and Eric. Slow moving, peaceful town - something thats quite rare back in mainland Malaysia. Eric reiterate frequently that he liked the place very much.

Going to Mukah involves taking a flight on a twin-otter. It was my first time on it and it was a great experience - It was like taking a minibus above the clouds ^-^.

The smallest airport I've ever seen

Food there was great too, especially Umai - a local delicacy - which is a type raw fish dish served with sago and a sauce mix. Other nice foods includes: mee goreng kulat (fried noodle with edible fungus fried together) and nasi ayam penyet (plain rice served with pressed fried chicken, sambal, and raw vegetables).


Mee goreng kulat

Nasi ayam penyet

Mukah Polytechnic was also a nice place, large area, but considering currently it is their semester break, it was quite silent. The staff there, primarily Mr Zaki and Rudolf were friendly and generous to us.

I hope after this little event there will be more traction towards FOSS at that side of Malaysia, and hopefully more contributions coming from there. Teachers and lecturers are undeniable plays an important role in shaping students' mindset and skills. Hope our trip there generated interests for them to bring more students toward FOSS.

I have uploaded the slides which I created for the event (and several other past Fedora events) here :

Btw, pics are currently with Eric, I forgot to bring my camera. Waiting for him to transfer it to me. Will be posting some of them here once I got them.

Some pics of Mukah town

Friday, June 19, 2009

Printed new cards

I've been using the old Fedora card until a few weeks ago. Now that they are done, finally, I print this new design :D.

This tool is neat

yum install fedora-business-cards
fedora-business-cards --pdf

(yup, my phone camera sucks)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Using NetworkManager and a WiFi enabled phone as your laptop's remote

Ok, I need a presentation clicker. But too lazy to find cheap ones out there. I have a Thinkpad R51 with Intel IPW2100 wireless card with no bluetooth, a Sony Ericsson P990i, and a Fedora installation. So, what I can do with them to get a presentation clicker?.

A little googling led me to this nice little tool : AnyRemote. It provides a Java client and a server tool which allows the user to control of various Linux apps using a phone with bluetooth or WiFi support (theres also infrared support, but i dont think it worth it due to the limitation of IR and requires more setup).

AnyRemote is in Fedora repository , so, Fedora users can just install it by yum install anyremote anyremote-data.

Now, I don't have a bluetooth dongle, neither internal bluetooth support, so my only option is through WiFi. Good thing in Fedora, the NetworkManager can create an AdHoc Internet Connection Sharing. Which basically gives me a quick way to make my phone to connect to my laptop (and the internet - with cheaper rate).

Creating an AP using NM is easy, watch the demo here.

After the AdHoc network is up and running, I hook my phone to the network and grab the AnyRemote Java client from the download site, install and launch it.

Now I have AnyRemote server installed in my machine, AnyRemote client installed in my phone, and the phone is connected to the WiFi network, time to test my 'brand new' remote.

I want to control an Impress presentation, therefore, I launch AnyRemote with the ooimpress.cfg configuration, listening at port 5050.

anyremote -s socket:5050 \
-f /usr/share/anyremote/cfg-data/Server-mode/ooimpress.cfg

Then, using ifconfig, I took the IP of my laptop in the AdHoc network, and from the AnyRemote client (in my phone), I add the IP and port in, and connect to it (sorry, no pics, no idea how to take the picture of the phone, considering my only camera is the phone itself :P ), and PROFIT!!.

AnyRemote can also control other stuff such as Mplayer, Rhythmbox, xmms, amarok, evince, and lots more. You can also write your own config to control your own apps!.

Perhaps some of you might find this little guide useful, so, enjoy yourself :D

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fedora 11 Released !!

Leonidas have been released!!

Read about the new features in Fedora 11 Leonidas.

What are you waiting for? grab your copy now!.

Or perhaps be a part of the community and lead the way for the next Fedora !!!


Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Fedora Activity Day Malaysia 2009 - MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference 2009 Event Report

A bit late for an event which happened last week,

Here goes..

31st May to 3rd June mark the date of the first MSC Malaysia Open Source Conference. The event gathered together a large number of local IT executives and developers in a packed 4 days event filled with lots of FOSS related talks and side events. Fedora Malaysia team was invited to get involved in the event, and naturally, we accepted and and 31st May mark the date of Fedora Malaysia team's first Fedora Activity Day!.

It all started as simply an event where Fedora-My will be getting a kiosk booth and a room space - shared with Ubuntu-My, OpenSuSE-My, MyBSD, and other local communities - for an install party. But the involvement by Red Hat APJ as a platinum sponsor of the event changed the direction for Fedora-My.

As a platinum sponsor, Red Hat was given a room on 31st May (which was an open / free-to-access day for the event) to do any activity they wished. Great thanks to Harish Pillay and crew from Red Hat APJ, that room was given to Fedora-My for our first Fedora Activity Day!.

Harish and crew brought along some nice Freedom Infinity Voice banners for the event, and sponsored the large number of Fedora T-Shirts which we gave away to the crowd. Big thanks to the Red Hat crew :D.

FAD-My 2009 was held in a conference-like style where our local team gave several talks related to Fedora, Fedora features and FOSS in general. Here was the schedule of the last FAD.

Fedora Electronic Lab (FEL) Overview1030-1100Mohd Syafarul Razi
Fedora Live USB1100-1145Shahriman Samsudin
How to get involved in Fedora Project1200-1230Mohd Izhar Firdaus Ismail
Lunch Break
KVM Virtualization as easy as 123 in Fedora1345-1415Syamsul Anuar Abd Nasir
SE Linux in a nutshell1415-1500Eric Yeoh
RPM Packaging HOWTO1500-1545Mohd Izhar Firdaus Ismail
Tea Break
Jboss: What the fuss is all about?1600-1645Muhammad Shuhir Idris
Closing remarks1645-1730Harish Pillay

The turn out was amazing, we had more than 50 attendees in the event (not sure the exact number, some said it reached 80) and the respond from the crowd was great too.

Last but not least, thanks to all who have been involved in the FAD especially Harish Pillay and Red Hat APJ for sponsoring swags, the room, and the whole conference itself. Without that support , the event won't be as successful.

To fellow Fedora-My comrades and Fedora users in Malaysia, this is not the end of stuff. More stuff will be coming from us in the near future, so stay tuned :D.

Pictures credits to SuMarDi

Monday, June 08, 2009

Adding simple popup to Plone frontpage

Here is a little guide for those who want to add a simple popup to the Plone frontpage for some purpose (eg: announcements, advertisements, etc).

Create a basic html file containing the content you want to appear in the popup. Upload it into $PLONE_SITE/portal_skins/custom (as Page Template) and for the sake of this example, name it popup.html

Afterward, create a Javascript file with your Pop-Up loader script. For example , this script:

function popup(mylink, windowname)
if (! window.focus)return true;
var href;
if (typeof(mylink) == 'string')
href=mylink.href;, windowname, 'width=220,height=400,scrollbars=no');
return false;

popup('popup.html', 'My Popup');

Also upload this file into $PLONE_SITE/portal_skins/custom (as Page Template too). For this example, name it as popup.js

Afterward, in $PLONE_SITE/portal_javascripts , add popup.js as a new script into portal_javascripts and set its condition to :


Save your work, and you are good to go :D

Note: Lots of browsers now block javascript popups quite well.
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