Wizardpen for F12

Updated the wizardpen RPM - added patch for Xorg 1.7. (Yup, i'm 4 months late :P)

Src.rpm here: wizardpen-0.7.0-2.fc12.src.rpm. It worked for me, but your mileage might vary.


Anonymous said…
I really appreciate you making the effort to put together this package and make it available.

Have you thought about getting this into the main repos? I recall that last release there was a big push to make tablets 'just work', so I am sure there are people who would help you get this package into shape. Perhaps Mo Duffy?

btw. last time I tried the binary rpm it failed to install because it had encoded your login name as the owner of the files, and of course you don't have an account on my computer :-) This is the kind of thing which going through the new-package process would clean up.

Anonymous said…
I have install Wizardpen on my F12 but it still can working. Can you explain the detail instruction for installing the driver here?


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