[HOWTO] Using Diazo as a standalone server.

Just a little quick note.

Diazo, the super cool theming system used by Plone, have 2 WSGI middlewares which will turn it into some sort of theming proxy for any existing sites. However, that feature and the steps to use it is not quite documented anywhere.

Then I saw dv.xdvserver in PyPi. Using the sample paster config file from there, here is a little guide on how to use it.


I have uploaded my buildout to github kagesenshi/diazoserver. To deploy, just follow these steps:

got clone git://github.com/kagesenshi/diazoserver.git
cd diazoserver
python2.6 bootstrap.py
./bin/buildout -vv 

The steps above will pull and install diazo and its dependencies into the buildout.


Copy diazo.ini-sample as diazo.ini. Change the address http://www.example.com/ to address of your app. Take note that the Paster proxy might not work if the backend site is compressed.

Edit the static/rules.xml file and static/index.html file as you wish. For full documentation on how to utilize them, visit the diazo documentation

Starting up the server

Just run this command to start the server:

./bin/paster server diazo.ini

Thats it, Happy hacking~!


Laurence Rowe said…
This should already be documented. See the quick start and reference.
Unknown said…
hurm .. not sure how i missed that, probably because I went quickly to the Deployment section. .. anyway, updated the page..
Vito said…
Hi, nice post;)
I would like to use Diazo for a plone3 website. I cannot update it to plone4.1...
so I'm thinking to use Diazo on stand-alone mode, but I'm in doubt with the caching management (using plone.app.caching) and the "edit mode" when users login... what's your opinion?
Unknown said…

You can try the older iteration of diazo - collective.xdv. It provide the same functionality with just some minor difference in tag names.
Unknown said…
Great job, man. Thanks for sharing this. I'm playing around with Diazo and this is very helpful.

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