Monday, January 09, 2012

FADKL Jan 2012

The Fedora Activity Day (FAD) is a regional event (either one-day or a multi-day) that allows Fedora contributors to gather together in order to work on specific tasks related to the Fedora Project. It is usually held in Barcamp format, and the activities ranges from simple introductory talks to a whole day of building new features for Fedora. Example activities includes:
  • Talks
  • Sprints/hackathons - coding session
  • Workshops
  • Discussion group - eg: planning on how to promote Fedora in Malaysia
But wait, what is Barcamp?
Barcamp is an open, participatory workshop-events, the content of which is provided by participants. Talks and sessions for each days are proposed by attendees , usually on-site, and all attendees are encouraged to present or facilitate a session.

Talk Submission

Any talks are accepted, as long as it meet one or several of these criteria.
  • Software is available in Fedora repositories
  • Software is known to be going to be available in Fedora repositories
  • Talk/session related to using / developing stuff on Fedora
  • Talk/session related to the Fedora community in general

Submit your session here or view submitted sessions here.

This event is free to attend and participate. If you are coming, please register here

Monday, January 02, 2012

Ubuntu launched online AppStore

Just saw this news which was posted a few days ago:

Seems like Ubuntu also have follow suit in the online appstore concept

For Fedora or PackageKit-powered-distros users, AppRepo project might be of interest to you, which, coincidentally, launched a couple of weeks before the Ubuntu App Directory article above.

AppRepo is powered by PackageKit .catalog file, so it is quite distro agnostic. However at the moment our contributors are mainly Fedora users, so the applications at the moment only support Fedora.

If you want to help out, we could use some help in populating the AppRepo with more apps. We choose to not use automated import to make the AppRepo a bit 'human'. If it was not added by anyone, its probably not worth looking at. So if you think theres apps thats worth to be looked at, please, add them into AppRepo and give love to it by adding screenshots and nice descriptions.

Nonetheless we are planning on an automated listing of all packages in Fedora/RPMFusion with .desktop file which have yet to have an AppRepo entry、 to aid in populating.

We also just created a GoogleGroup here:

We also have a G+ page here:
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