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PortForwarding (again?) ... but this time .. through SOCKS Proxy!!!

Izhar Firdaus Izhar Firdaus Follow Support Feb 06, 2006 · 1 min read
PortForwarding (again?) ... but this time .. through SOCKS Proxy!!!
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i've juz discovered this yesterday ... by combining socksify ( http://www.inet.no/dante/ ) and portfwd ( http://portfwd.sourceforge.net/ ) you can get a local port on your system to be forwarded to another system through SOCKS proxy ...

the concept is simple .... 1st install dante socksify and edit its configuration in /etc/socks.conf ... then ...install portfwd ... create a config file according to your requirement that maps to a remote system ... then ... run this command

#socksify portfwd -c [yourportfwdconfig]

after a successfull execution .. you'll get a port on your local system forwarded to the remote system through a SOCKS proxy ... :D


TIPS: you can also use Tsocks, Proxify, Proxychains as the TCP wrapper to replace socksify ... if you use Proxychains .. you can also forward ports through a chain of proxies

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