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Bandwidth Monitoring Script (through ifconfig)

Some ppl might need sumthing to monitor their bwidth … i think this script would b enough for some of us … i wrote it by myself by manipulating the output of ifconfig … #!/bin/bash IFCONFIG="/sbin/ifconfig” IFACE=$1 if [ “${1}” != “” ]; then IFOUTPUT=`${IFCONFIG} ${IFACE} |grep bytes` DOWNOLD=`echo ${IFOUTPUT}|awk ‘{print $2}’|sed s/"bytes:"//` UPOLD=`echo ${IFOUTPUT}|grep bytes|awk ‘{print $6}’|sed s/"bytes:"//` sleep 0.8 IFOUTPUT=`${IFCONFIG} ${IFACE} |grep bytes` DOWNNOW=`echo ${IFOUTPUT}|awk ‘{print $2}’|sed s/"bytes:"//` UPNOW=`echo ${IFOUTPUT}|awk ‘{print $6}’|sed s/"bytes:"//` let “UP= $UPNOW - $UPOLD” let “DOWN= $DOWNNOW - $DOWNOLD” let “TOTAL = UP + DOWN” echo “—-KBps Bandwitdh Monitor—-” echo “” echo ” by KageSenshi” echo “” echo “” echo “——————————” echo “Bandwidth for Interface ${IFACE}” echo “——————————” echo “” echo ” KBps MBps” e