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Disable IPv6 on FC5 for faster internet browsing performance zzeepphhoo wrote: New distros like fedora 2-5 have Ipv6 turned on by default. IpV6 is a new DNS lookup that few servers use. This means that if the site you are trying to access in not listed on Ipv6, a 30 second timeout immeditately happens. It should be disabled. Also, Some other DNS servers miss the first few requests from linux machines. The default timeout is 5 seconds, so this could cause up to another 15 second delay. Step by step fix is as follows: 1. Log out of Fedora 2. Log in as root 3. enter your root password (the root password you entered when you installed fedora) 4. Click on "Home" or "My Computer" 5, Click on "Filesystem" or use up arrow to navigate to etc folder. 6. go to resolv.conf file. (not a folder, but a file located at the end of the files in your etc folder) 7. Insert this line at the bottom of the file: option timeout:1 8. Save the file 9. Go to etc

Getting Windows-Based Printers to Work With Linux

A nice article for people who couldnt get their printer working with linux ...

Drivel Bug

Canon Pixma iP1000 and iP1500 driver for linux

gonna be usefull to some of us ... :)