MyOSS July Meetup

Just returned from MyOSS July Meetup at SEACEM, Bangsar. The main topic for this meetup is the OLPC project (a.k.a MIT's USD$100 Laptop) presented by Jaya Kumar, an Embedded System Architect that works on the laptop's audio system.

We were presented with the working mainboard of the system (i was expecting a full system preview, *sigh* ). The system is powered by 3 processors (1 for applications, 1 for wi-fi, and 1 for graphic), using a 512 NAND memory for storage, and 128MB SDRAM. There are no display available yet because the display technology is still under development - so we connect it to a CRT display (somebody forgot to bring a projector *lol*). The system runs Linux (well, what-da-ya-expect?) with kernel 2.6.17.

The system runs Xorg smoothly (well, there is only an X-term there. So it SHOULD be smooth. hehe). Mr Jaya Kumar shown us a presentation slide using Xpdf on the system, and played some videos using Mplayer to show the task the laptop capable of performing. From the demonstrations, the laptop performs quite well.

Overall, the meetup was great!. We got to learnt a lot from the presentation because Mr. Jaya also touch about the technology behind LCD screen, some economics, ethics, and plenty of hillarious jokes. (They even forgot to get a speaker for audio demonstration and we end up using a pair of headphones - and we can only hear some whispering from it :P .. hey! at least we know it works .. hehe ). And the meetup ends with a usual 'mamak' session.

Looking forward for the next meetup next month. Hey wait! The next meetup that i can attend will be on the next semester break *sigh*.


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