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Using Tsocks to tranparently use SOCKS proxies in applications

Izhar Firdaus Izhar Firdaus Follow Support Dec 30, 2006 · 1 min read
Using Tsocks to tranparently use SOCKS proxies in applications
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There are not many applications out there supports SOCKS proxy for traffics. Usually people will try to find similar application that have SOCKS support if they need it. To Linux/BSD users, there is a dirty trick to do make virtually any console and some X applications to use SOCKS proxy transparently by preloading certain libraries before executing the application. One of those libraries is Tsocks.

Step 1 : Installing
Simply extract the tarball, then, use the magic spell everyone familiar with to install it.
sudo make install

Afterwards, create a config file named tsocks.conf in /etc/ . Refer the examples given together with the source tarball for guidance on how to write the config. For those who just want a quick and basic config and lazy to open the examples, I've provided it below.

# This is the configuration for libtsocks (transparent socks)
# Lines beginning with # and blank lines are ignored
# This sample configuration shows the simplest (and most common) use of
# tsocks. This is a basic LAN, this machine can access anything on the
# local ethernet (192.168.0.*) but anything else has to use the SOCKS version
# 4 server on the firewall. Further details can be found in the man pages,
# tsocks(8) and tsocks.conf(5) and a more complex example is presented in
# tsocks.conf.complex.example

# We can access 192.168.0.* directly
local =

# Otherwise we use the server
server =

Step 2 : Using the library
To make an application to use tsocks, using a terminal, simply do this
export LD_PRELOAD=/lib/libtsocks.so
before executing the application from the terminal. Note that environment variable export only works on the terminal which you export the value.

Alternatives of Tsocks
Transconnect - A HTTP Proxying library similar to Tsocks.
Proxychains - A similar library which supports both HTTP and SOCKS. Also, its able to chain multiple proxies at once.
Written by Izhar Firdaus Follow Support
I'm a system architect, data engineer and developer advocate with passion in Free / Open Source software, entrepreneurship, community building, education and martial art. I take enjoyment in bridging and bringing together different FOSS technologies to help businesses and organizations utilize IT infrastructure to aid and optimize their business and organizational process.

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