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Holiday @ Cameron Highlands

Date: 21-22 Dec 2007
Place: Cameron Highlands
Who: My family and 3 other neighbor families
Purpose: Its holiday + for fun

Here are some pics I took during our trip there. Most of them were taken using my 2MegaPixel P990i camera except for the 640*480 pics.

Tea Plantation
Rose Valley
Butterfly Garden

Theme change

New looks for a new year .. :P

Actually, i got annoyed with the old theme where the main section is not wide enough to be comfortable with. Especially when the blog post is long.

So, I decided to google for some new blogger theme and decided to pick this : After some hack around and tweaking to my taste, the result is what you see now.

Comments whether this theme better/not than the previous theme are appreciated.

Firefox3 Beta2 Release

I woke up today with a Firefox popup on my desktop, notifying that my firefox is now upgraded to Firefox 3 Beta 2. Note that I install firefox beta in my home folder, so, automatic update JustWorks(tm)

See whats new here :

What noticable is, at last, the visual refresh for Linux is here!!

And the new addressbar is cool.

Working from home

Shamelessly modified from Tom "Spot" Callaway post :

Waking up on 6am to catch the bus: Lame
Getting a ride from a colleague to the office: Awesome
Staying back at the office till late night due to unfinished task: Lame
Working from home: Priceless

There are somethings that money cannot buy, for everything else, there's Inigo Tech

(^o^) (^.^) (^-^)

HOWTO: Making VIM in FreeBSD, Linux-user friendly

The hellish semester have ended, and I just started my 8 month internship with Inigo-Tech. I've also got an access to the company's FreeBSD server. However, one thing annoys me - the VIM acts in a way i'm not familiar with.

A quick hack to resolve this annoyance.

from the linux box
scp /etc/vimrc


[Fedora-Ambassadors] Fedora 8 Announcement

Fedora 8 Announcement

On this autumn period where the best fruits are ripe, it comes the
time to harvest the new Fedora release.

This new Fedora is named “Werewolf”, but fear not, as this release
will bring you all the safety and stability that you could dream of.
The main point of this new version is without any doubt SIMPLICITY.

After 5 months of intense work, and in order to provide you the latest
technologies, this new release will be for you as for us a major evolution.

The major new features are (among others):

Codeina :
Fedora by default does not provide non-Free codecs. This is sometime a
problem for the end users who had to install them on their own. Codeina
is created for this purpose, which is to help you to install the required
codecs to helps you to listen to your MP3 or watch your movies,
in a simple, legal way.

PulseAudio :
Fedora 8 includes the latest generation of sound server, PulseAudio.
PulseAudio offers you …

Red Hat Legal Speaks on Linking to 3rd Party Website/Repositories

A great announcement @ Fedora-Marketing-List today

More to read here :

Linking to "third party repositories": Legal says that we can link, from
the Fedora website, to third party repositories, so long as no one has
made a critical assessment to determine that a patent or patents cover
the technology in question and no party has actually asserted their
patents against the technology, we should be okay. Once we are on notice
of a claim of infringement or are aware of a competent assessment that
concludes infringement is likely, we would need to take the link down or
run a serious risk of facing a claim for inducing infringement. Merely
linking would be highly unlikely to subject us to a claim of direct
infringement. I asked about MP3, and it was stated that unless we are
specifically aware of the MP3 patent holders asserting a claim against
the technology, we are still okay.

This means that we can put a page up…

HOWTO: Compiz Fusion in Fedora 8 'Werewolf'

Fedora 8 'Werewolf' is just around the corner HERE!!. Lets get this started!

This guide applies for Fedora 9 'Sulphur' too

CCSM should be in the updates repository already. If it havent, take it here ccsm-0.6.0-3.fc8.noarch.rpm

NOTE: This howto assumes that compiz is already able to run on you hardware. If not, you might google for howto for that first. For NVidia users, install the Livna repositories an yum for kmod-nvidia and reboot. For ATI users, if your card is older than Radeon 9600, it should work out-of-the-box, if not, you will need to wait until ATI releases a new driver for kernel 2.6.23 and yum for kmod-fglrx from Livna after it has been released. Intel user (like me) cheer to yourself as it works out-of-the-box.

Compiz & Compiz Fusion in Fedora 8

Fedora 8 includes Compiz 0.6.2 on its release. However, Compiz Fusion packages are not included together in the default installation due to several reasons (one of it was libcompizconfig, ccsm, compizconfig-python …

Fédora, 8th November, and Victorien Sardou

A fun stuff from Fedora-ambassadors-list today

8th November is the anniversary of the death of Victorien Sardou, a French dramatist of which one of his plays, Princess Fédora, is the origin of the name of Fedora hat.

Image from wikipedia

Another fun fact: Werewolf, the Fedora 8 release name, consist of 8 letters.

Fedora 8
- 8th November
--- Anniversary of the death of Victorien_Sardou
----- Writer of the play, Princess Fédora
- Werewolf
--- 8 letter release name


Just got myself a MySpace account.

I'm not really a fond of Social Networking sites (except for LinkedIn and Mugshot) , but i'm curious bout the MySpace IM and what Mugshot offers for MySpace users. So, i simply created one account to play around with.

Profile Page:

Add me if you wish. Just msg me @ MySpace telling me how u get the link to my profile so that i dont treat it as spam ..

Ideas: Fedora AppDB

This is just a post for me to jot down this idea before I forgot it.

I'm currently exploring with TurboGears for a coursework project. Out of nowhere an idea came up about an application database for Fedora. Description as follow:

Fedora Application Database

What it is?
It is a web based application which contains description, screenshots and recommendations of applications from Fedora Package Collection.

Use Case
Bob is looking for some softwares to help out in his business. He browsed through pirut but could not decide on which application to use as the descriptions are vague and theres no preview about it. He open up his browser and goto the Fedora AppDB and browsed through the community-contributed descriptions and guides. Bob can now find what he wants. Bob is now happy.

Nice features to have
ScreenshotsPackage descriptionLinks to upstream webpagesComments/thread for the applicationsLeverage online-desktop's click-and-yum (not sure what it is really called) capabilityAp…

Werewolves Coming Near Us!!

It might started its invasion from here. Then it raid into here. Just recently, its existence is confirmed!!.

The creature is nearing our place!!, Sources said that it might reach us sooner than we can imagine and will cause a great Lycanthropy infestation under the moon. Transforming humans and gibbons into the Fearsome Beast of Moonshine. The Werewolf.

Image taken from Mairin Duffy's post

Fedora Live Update SIG Announced

At last, a SIG that will be working on supporting Live upgrades on Fedora.

Announcement @ Fedora-Devel-List

A toolbox suggestion for testers

- a qemu image with a fully updated Fedora release N
- a local mirror of rawhide of Fedora N + 1

while is_testing_period:


looking forward for this in F9

Whats New , and Whats Old - A little comparison between Ubuntu 7.10 new features with the upcoming Fedora 8 and older Fedora releases

Ubuntu 7.10 'Gutsy Gibbon' was just released a few days ago, and Fedora 8 just hit devel-freeze yesterday. With all the hype going all over the internet, one point annoys me - when some Ubuntu users claiming that some of the new features in Ubuntu are something Fedora does not have. Now, lets bust this myth. (This list might not be complete)

Ubuntu 7.10 feature list was taken from :

GNOME 2.20

Both Fedora 8 and Ubuntu 7.10 uses GNOME 2.20.

Compiz Fusion

Both Fedora 8 and Ubuntu 7.10 have Compiz 0.6.0 during its release. However, in Fedora 8, compiz will not be enabled by default , as there are several issues which still need to be fixed in Fedora's point of view, one of it is the Xv video support - patches are being developed by Red Hat developers in fixing the the X server and Xv and apply it upstream. Compiz is enabled by default in Ubuntu - with a hack patch applied in mplayer to allow Xv rendered properly on Mplayer only…

Fedora 8: Coming Soon

SVG src here

Review: A few days with Fedora 8 Test 2

I just upgraded my laptop to F8T2 several days ago. Heres some of my experience of the journey.

Like Moonshine (F7), Fedora 8 Test 2 releases several ISOs to choose from. The classical DVD installer, a Desktop LiveCD, a KDE LiveCD, plus 2 additional new images -> Fedora Electronics Lab LiveCD - targeted for Electical Electronic geeks, and Fedora Developer LiveCD. As I already mirrored Rawhide repository in my local server, I used the Desktop LiveCD for installation. Note that I prefer clean reinstallation rather than upgrade, plus the LiveCDs doesnt offer upgrade option so far.


Installation was a breeze as usual , just that I forgot to set /boot mountpoint during installation that causes anaconda to crash -> my sda1 is an NTFS partition which i keep a winXP installation just in case i need it, and all other partitions are on LVM besides /boot - this might have what caused the crash. I have my /home on a different partition, just to be safe, I didnt set the mountpoint …

Hunting for Internship

I'm currently looking for internship placements around for my next semester. In my university, Internship / Industrial Training is a compulsory 14 credit hours subject - which will last for 8 months. I havent get any offers yet from companies which i've applied and still actively looking for more choices.

Dear lazyweb, if you know any places which need LinuxAdministration/Python/Java/Fedora/Security/OpenSource guy like me, please tell me ^-^. A copy of my resume and cover letter (from my Uni) can be downloaded here -> Resume.pdf

Geek Stuff

In the meantime, at the other side of my life.

IBM just released BETA 1 of their new office suite, IBM Lotus Symphony. Lotus Symphony is a Eclipse based office suite available for free (as in free beer) to download and use. Its available for multiple platforms especially Linux and Windows and it supports ODF.

I have just played around with it, and what I liked most of it is its nice UI design. I like the tabbed concept and 1 window for all of…

31st August - Malaysia Independence Day Anniversary .. and TMnut blocked my IRC access???

(Flag img taken from Ditesh's post)

Okay .. its 31st August again .. the anniversary of Malaysia independence from Great Britain .. and I'm at home for a holiday .. and guess what .. I noticed a shocking discovery .. The DARNED TMnut blocked my IRC access!!! - on port 6667 in particular

Some Xchat output

* Looking up
* Connecting to ( port 6667...
* Connection failed. Error: Connection refused
* Looking up
* Connecting to ( port 6667...
* Connection failed. Error: Connection refused
* Disconnected ().
* Looking up
* Connecting to ( port 6667...
* Connection failed. Error: Connection refused
* Disconnected ().
* Looking up
* Connecting to ( port 6667...
* Connection failed. Error: Connection refused
* Looking up
* Connecting to ( port 6669...
* Connected. Now logging in...
* *** Looking…

Status of Compiz Fusion packages submission into Fedora

I noticed Adel Gaddlah ( drago01 ) have submitted several compiz-fusion packages for review in BZ. He already pushed compiz-bcop into rawhide and in the process of getting the fusion plugins reviewed

#253692 Review Request: compiz-fusion - Collection of Compiz Fusion plugins for Compiz
#253693 Review Request: compiz-fusion-extras - Additional Compiz Fusion plugins for Compiz

With this semester seems like its gonna be a busy semester, guess I'll just leave the fedora submission & maintaining to him.. hope the packages will get into fedora before the feature freeze ..

On a sidenote .. i just noticed screenlets now have 0.0.10 release available .. and it now works with Fedora (the older release doesnt work because Fedora's DBUS version was too new for it). I'll package it when I have time.

I'm currently mirroring rawhide into my LAN server and planning to switch from F7 to rawhide when its done. Once compiz-fusion 0.5.2 gets it way into Fedora, i'll drop it from…

Getting Compiz Fusion into Fedora | UiTM iHack 2007 Result

Getting Compiz Fusion into Fedora Progress

compiz-bcop ( #247405 ) package passed review a around 2 weeks ago .. but i just noticed today that i need a sponsor to get that package into fedora .... err .... some help ??? .. i'm not familiar with the process..

compiz-bcop, compiz-fusion-plugins-main, libcompizconfig final RPMS are available in my fedorapeople space .. those rpms built nicely on mock and rpmlint at the src rpm is silent ..

UiTM iHack 2007 Result

Yay~ ... my team won 1st place in Forensic Challenge and 2nd place in Capture the Flag.

My university sent out 2 teams :
Pr0j3ct T4ng0 - My team
Fnord - The other team

Plus, one of our alumni joined as a private team with his friends from other Universities. Team name - Tang0

The game was fun .. though the prizes are not as tempting as last year's iHack competition .. (higher money .. but no gadgets .. perhaps next year iHack committee should find more sponsors .. and btw ... Norton A…

Compiz Fusion 0.5.2 packages | UiTM iHack 2007 | Hakaze 2ch-Type Forum/BBS Engine

Compiz Fusion 0.5.2 Packages

Its available in the main repo now .. both i386 and x86_64 packages ..

a little sidenote about the packages : 1 primary thing .. its not compatible with compiz 0.5.2 package from rawhide due to the one on rawhide is patched with a patch that forces indirect-rendering .. this, causes Nvidia cards to misbehave and also causes fusion-icon to need a patch to inverse its indirect-rendering option to direct-rendering ..

UiTM iHack Competition

I'm entering this competition tomorrow ... 2 days competition .. 1st day - computer forensic competition , 2nd day - ctf competition ... me and my friends entering both - 2 teams ... Hope we'll get 1st/2nd place with ctf like we did last year .. (They call it International Hacking Competition, but i have NO idea whats "international" with it .. perhaps its just yet another "Bolehland" attitude)

Hakaze 2ch-Type Forum/BBS Engine

For the past month i was playing with D…

Compiz-Fusion just released official tarballs

I just noticed something a few minutes ago ..

Compiz Fusion have released their official tarballs!!!!

This is nice ... guess i'll skip doing homeworks for today and tomorrow ... wanna package this thing ... homeworks can wait .. :P

With the release of official tarballs for compiz fusion, i hope i can get it properly submitted into fedora .. (the git packages changes too much.. .thus makes me not confident to send them for review) ..

Off I go ... ~~

A busy 2 weeks


new semester have started .. timetable clashes everywhere ... had to drop and add different set of subjects .. *sigh

..... and lectures have started giving project works on the first week .. (0.o)

heck ... i want to get back to doing geekstuff and start back watching anime~ .. (T_T)

compiz-fusion packages will be updated after my timetable issue and related stuff have been resolved ..

i'm planning to create a package for community plugins which are not in compiz-fusion-plugins-{main,extra} .. dear lazywebs .. any suggestions of plugins?

USB "Key" based authentication using pam_usb in Fedora

What Is pam_usb?

pam_usb provides hardware authentication for Linux using ordinary USB Flash Drives.
It works with any application supporting PAM (Pluggable Authentication Module), such as su, any login manager (GDM, KDM), etc. The pam_usb package contains:

So? What does it do?

pam_usb enables you to login to your system using a USB "Key" as a physical authentication device. Ever watched some of those movies where user required to key in some sort of card before logging into the computer? Well, pam_usb allows you to do this on Linux, using your USB drive!.

Getting pam_usb

pam_usb 0.3.3 is available in Fedora repository.
yum install pam_usb pam_usb-hotplug

Setting up Your Computer

1 . Setting up console login to use pam_usb
add this entry to the first line in /etc/pam.d/login
auth sufficient

2 . Setting up GDM to use pam_usb
add this entry to the first line in /etc/pam.d/gdm
auth sufficient allow_remote

1 . Setting up su co…

Wiki , Compiz fusion 20070716git, and package review

It has been 2 weeks+ since I last post. Here goes

Compiz Fusion 20070716git
A little update on the compiz fusion packages:
fusion-icon is now separated into 3 packages. fusion-icon, fusion-icon-gtk,fusion-icon-qt
I have included in 20070716git compiz package my rewrite of desktop-effects to make use of compiz's CCP plugin. Desktop-effects menu is back, but might be buggy, I'm quite noobie in coding, help greatly appreciated

New Wiki
Just created a wiki to keep certain stuff in/from this blog more organized Compiz Fusion's wiki page is here :

Compiz Fusion package review
I have submitted Fedora package reviews for libcompizconfig, compizconfig-python, and compiz-bcop in Fedora bugzilla.

compiz-bcop: #247405
libcompizconfig: #247406
compizconfig-python: #247408

and a RFE for compiz : #247409

I havent send the other packages yet, I would like these core packages to pass review first.

Update on Compiz Fusion repository 20070630git

The repository have been updated to 20070630git packages

Several changes in the RPM Packaging

the metapackage that will pull all compiz bits is now known as compiz-all. compiz-core is renamed back to compiz.

compiz-* packages no longer pulls compizconfig-settings-manager. compiz-gnome no longer pulls emerald. (Trying to make basic installation simple). You can yum them separately

Desktop-effects menu is back!. But launching compiz automatically during login is still broken,

compiz-icon was replaced by fusion-icon and its now working properly.

Low bandwidth : Repository Moved!!

The domain (izhar) has reached 80% of its bandwidth limit (2434.04/3000.00 Megs).

!! Do not respond to this message. Your reply will go nowhere. !!


repository will be has moved to

config is @

My Aztech DSL600EU just died

A shocking thing happened yesterday morning , suddenly I couldnt connect to any sites and the router's lights remain static. Rebooting it and pushing the reset button doesnt help. After tens of times trying to get it back running, nothing seems to work. So, my conclusion, this guy just died. T_T . The router have been showing problems since a few weeks ago, it keep freezing and I had to restart it to get it back running. I guess , that was its message to me that its dying.

So, today, a trip to lowyatt to get a new modem/router.

Just bought a Linksys WRT54G Router and a ZyXel Prestige 650M ADSL modem and they cost me - RM279 (~USD80). Now I'm back online (with a hole in my wallet) and will continue packaging compiz fusion every few days (well .. guess not today .. I'm damn tired right now, plus I want to play with my new router .. lol).

Also, I have contacted the compiz and beryl Fedora package maintainers, and will be working on with their guidance to improve the package for…

Update on Compiz Fusion repository

I have updated the repository just now. A few noticable changes are:

package updated to 20070625 morning's git (I'm @ GMT +8 if that matters)
compiz package is slow splitted into compiz-gnome and compiz-kde
release numbering is changed to follow Fedora Packaging: Naming Guideline
a few bug fixes at the specfiles


To those who are using 20070622git packages, you will need to remove them manually before upgrading through yum, or it wont work. This is because the change in the release numbering which make yum thinks the the older packages are newer.

To erase them
yum erase \*compiz\*
yum erase \*emerald\*

Installing the new packages

# Install the repository (if you havent)
cd /etc/yum.repos.d/

# all compiz fusion packages (GNOME and KDE)
yum install compiz

# compiz fusion and emerald (for GNOME)
yum install compiz-gnome

# compiz fusion and KDE window decorator (for KDE)
yum install compiz-kde


Original Post : Compiz Fusion Repos…

Compiz Fusion repository for Fedora 7

This post is obsolete ( Its hard to keep this page updated, so I created a wiki page for it :P ). Latest & updated guide can be acquired from my wiki page

At last ... I have finished the Compiz Fusion packages for Fedora 7 .. now for the grand announcement :D

Repository Location

Repository URL:
Repository YUM Config File:

The repository is hosted in a limited bandwidth shared hosting which I have for playing around with Django. Please dont abuse it. I couldnt afford larger hosting because I'm still a (jobless) student and currency exchange between MYR and USD is kindof too high for me.

Provided Packages


Compiz Fusion is here

The merge of compiz and beryl have already created an offspring

Introducing Compiz Fusion

If you want to try it out, follow this guide to compile it on your system

For Ubuntu users, checkout Trevino's repository

For Fedorans, theres no Fedora packages for Fusion for now .. So, follow the from-source guide above. However, fear not , I am putting up together the pieces into a YUM repository. Currently I'm in the process of building them properly in Mock and making sure no Errors appear on rpmlint. I will announce it when I have satisfied with the packages.

Using Glade to write GUI applications

A few useful links for people who want to learn on how to write GTK applications using Glade

Python -
Java -
Ruby -

The video for using Glade with Python is not very clear, so I'll explain a little bit the process below.

1. Build your GUI

2. Open a .py file, and import gtk and
import gtk

3. define your handlers method
def hander_method(widget):

4. load the glade XML
xml ="/path/to/glade/file")

5. connect handlers to its methods/functions
dict = { 'handler_name' : handler_method,
'handler_name2' : handler_method2


6. run gtk instance

I also have written a similar script to the ruby glade template generator in Video 3. It'll generate a very basic Python templa… : Python program to generate VMware configuration

Ok, I'm bored during this holidays ..

While surfing around and playing with Xen and VMWare, I stumbled upon this and saw a DOS Shell script to generate VMX. The crazy me took over, I started converting the script to Python~ :P. I have reimplemented most of the basic functionalities of the script in Python classes. Below is the script.

If youre interested to improve it, provides lots of useful docs related to VMX parameters here -

Setting up ADSL connection, the Fedora way

Some users might not notice that Fedora have a very easy to use GUI for setting up ADSL and other network connections. The tool is integrated together with Fedora/RH system-config utility called system-config-network. This howto will show you how to set-up a PPPoE/ADSL connection using it.

Starting Up system-config-network

If you are using GNOME, the menu for it is located at
System > Administration > Network

Okay, the interface is somewhat looks complicated. I was a little bit lost too when I first time using it. But after knowing that the tool support lots of other advanced network capabilities (like multiple IP per device, IPsec, VPN, etc), I accepted the UI is the best that way.

Creating a PPPoE/ADSL connection

To create a new PPPoE connection, click the New button and this window will appear. Select xDSL Connection.

Follow through the instructions and fill the forms. For the Ethernet Device entry, select the device that connected to your ADSL Modem.

Click Apply


Connecting To Th…

Running X applications headless using Xvfb

Sometimes, you might want to run certain X applications as a daemon in the background. For example, in my case, I want to make Ktorrent run in the background on startup while I control the torrents using its WebUI. However, to run Ktorrent , I must have X running and logged in to the desktop. So, how can I do this? , the answer is by using X Virtual Framebuffer Server.

How it works?

Xvfb emulates an X server without outputing it to monitor. Applications connect to it and run under the impression the GUI is there. Its as simple as that!. No modification needed on the applications that going to be run on it.

Read more :

How to do it?

First, make sure you have Xvfb installed. If you dont, install it using your package manager.
In Fedora, use
yum install xorg-x11-server-Xvfb

Then, run Xvfb in any unique/unused display number, in this example, I put 100. Disable access control to the display so that you dont have to go through the hassle of setting access control…

Fedora repository mirroring script using reposync

I'm back~ :D

As my first post of this holidays .. I give y'all the script i've been using to mirror and sync the fedora repos. The script is using reposync,repomanage (both provided by yum-utils) and createrepo , so you will need to yum for those them first.

#!/bin/bash -x

unset http_proxy
#export http_proxy=

# mirror root - the place you want the rpms to be downloaded

# processor architectures (space separated)
ARCHS="i686 x86_64"

# repository names (space separated)
REPOS="fedora updates"

if [ "$1" != "" ];then

wget -N $1/repodata/comps.xml

# this part will download the comps.xml files .. it still need some improvements though
case "$1" in
downcomps http:…

GPG Encrypt/Sign Texts in Firefox using FireGPG

Carthik Sharma pointed out a new Firefox extension called FireGPG in his blog post.

Just what I'm looking for! :D

Site URL:

FireGPG is a Firefox extension which brings an interface to crypt, decrypt, sign or verify the signature of a text in any web page, using GnuPG.

It will support some webmails. Right now, only GMail is supported, some useful buttons are added in the interface of this webmail !

FireGPG can sign/ecrypt basically anything in a HTML textarea and can verify anything on screen. However, during my test, if urls in the email was converted to hyperlink (thus, changed from original message), it couldnt verify it. Maybe they should create a function to trim the links or something.

Fedora Daily Package

Chris Tyler just announced a blog for a daily review of Fedora packages from the default repositories. Some sort like Debian package of the day

Site URL:

The Fedora Daily Package is an unofficial daily guide to some of the
interesting and useful packages in Fedora which installed by default. A
new package is featured each Weekday according to daily themes, except
for Wednesday, when the site features an in-depth look at a Fedora
packaging or configuration detail.

This is a fun and easy way to learn about new packages that you may have
never heard about! The Fedora daily Package is at (Atom and RSS feeds are available).

Chris Tyler

One interesting post I saw on the site is the RPM rollback capability. RPM can repackage the files installed in the computer into a .rpm file - with the new configs etc intact. Now, thats something new to me. I had never known that…

Mplayer, MP3, Audacity, Kmod-NVidia is in Extras!!! :P

Packages built and released for Fedora Extras 6: 35

NEW audacious-plugins-nonfree-mp3-1.2.5-2.fc6
NEW audacious-plugins-nonfree-wma-1.1.2-7.fc6
NEW ffmpeg-0.4.9-0.35.20070204.fc6
NEW gstreamer-ffmpeg-0.10.2-3.fc6
NEW lame-3.97-5.fc6
NEW mplayer-1.0-0.73.20070325svn.fc6
NEW nvidia-kmod-1.0.9755-


hahaha .. a good one from fedora buildsys for this 1st april ... ahahahaha ..

Synchronizing Sony Ericsson K320i Calendar with Evolution Calendar

Sorry for the long absence, I'm quite busy with my studies and project works .. well its that time of the semester again .. *sigh

As promised , here is a simple howto for synchronizing Sony Ericson K320i with Ximian Evolution

Step 1: Getting the packages


All of these packages can be acquired from Fedora repositories except for libopensync-plugin-syncml which you can follow this guide to install it or until somebody push it into the repositories. If you would like a GUI for multisync, yum for multisync-gui. In this guide, however, I'll cover the console based set-up only.

Step 2: Setting up a multisync group

First, create a multisync group that will contain a member from evolution2 plugin and a member from syncml plugin. In this example I name the group SyncMe

msynctool --addroup SyncMe
msynctool --addmember SyncMe evo2-sync
msynctool --addmember SyncMe syncml-obex-client

Step 3: Configuring the SyncML pl…

SonyEricsson k320i

I just got myself a sony Ericsson k320i last sunday. My old phone was seriously out-of-shape and I think its time for me to change it.

With a price tag of RM438, heres what I got

- Bluetooth
- Java support
- IRda support
- 15MB storage
- USB connectivity
- GPRS/MMS support
- VGA camera
- MP3 player

More information about the phone here

I just succeeded syncing it with Evolution, I'll be posting a howto for it in my next post.

Mugshot : A Social Network For FOSS User

Fedora users might have heard about it, but not other FOSS users. I think I'm going to help them with some promotion :D

Heres the link to Mugshot Website.

Mugshot makes it easy to show off what you're doing online and keep track of what your friends are up to. Learn more about what you can do with Mugshot at the features page.

Mugshot is designed and developed in the context of an open source community project. For information on how you can contribute, visit our developer site and our blog.

So, what do it offers?
A place where you can view Blog, Digg, YouTube, Myspace, (and much more) activities of your friends all in one page.
Desktop integration with Mugshot's Desktop Stacker
some more fancy stuff

For the list of features, go here ->

There are 2 things that I love in mugshot. One is the Desktop Stacker, and the other one, which I just discovered, a group chatroom!! Below are a screenshot for each

Mugshot Desktop Stacker

Mugshot Group ChatRoom


Sun Tech Days : University World Tour

My Object Oriented Programming class had a field trip to Sun Tech Day's University World Tour yesterday. It was quite fun for me (considering its free + got a lot of freebies + a free transport home for the mid-sem break).

There was 5 topics on the event
What you need to know as a student today: The Next 10 years - by Matt Thompson
Quite okay talks about what students should grasp in the OpenSource world. How open source fast development can benefit students etc what the web offers for future developers. Nothing much new to me because I'm already in the Free/OpenSource world. Another point of interest was the info about parallel programming will be more important in the future because processors wont go faster but instead it will be denser. And thats something extremely important for future developers.

Java and NetBeans Demo's You Shouldn't miss - by Angela Caicedo
This one was fun to watch. Some demos of Java on non-PC platforms (a.k.a toys). I has been taking Java as a …