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Geany : A multi-language, fast and lightweight IDE using GTK2

Izhar Firdaus Izhar Firdaus Follow Support Feb 12, 2007 · 1 min read
Geany : A multi-language, fast and lightweight IDE using GTK2
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I noticed a package in Fedora Extras called Geany while shopping through packages using synaptic .. The description says
A fast and lightweight IDE using GTK2

Currently I'm using Anjuta for my assignments and course C/C++ work, but to me, Anjuta is too much for my simple day-to-day programming - which sometimes I just do it on Gedit or Vi - , so I decided to give Geany a try.

At first, I expected it to be a lightweight C/C++ IDE , but to my surprise after launching it, it support lots of languages~!!!!!. C/C++, Java, PHP, Bash Scripting, Python, Ruby, Perl, etc etc. And it does not only support syntax highlighting, but also a basic code completion, a basic class browser, some other simple tools , and best of all, compiling/executing the programs written despite the various languages it supports. Geany select the compilers/interpreters automatically and use it when you click the compile/execute button

The UI is easy enough for use, simple, and effective. It does not have all those advanced project-management modules like Anjuta and Netbeans, but it have everything it needs to be an IDE for simple applications.

A Windows installer is also available from the official Geany site's downloads page
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