Mugshot : A Social Network For FOSS User

Fedora users might have heard about it, but not other FOSS users. I think I'm going to help them with some promotion :D

Heres the link to Mugshot Website.

Mugshot makes it easy to show off what you're doing online and keep track of what your friends are up to. Learn more about what you can do with Mugshot at the features page.

Mugshot is designed and developed in the context of an open source community project. For information on how you can contribute, visit our developer site and our blog.

So, what do it offers?
  • A place where you can view Blog, Digg, YouTube, Myspace, (and much more) activities of your friends all in one page.

  • Desktop integration with Mugshot's Desktop Stacker

  • some more fancy stuff

For the list of features, go here ->

There are 2 things that I love in mugshot. One is the Desktop Stacker, and the other one, which I just discovered, a group chatroom!! Below are a screenshot for each

Mugshot Desktop Stacker

Mugshot Group ChatRoom

Musghot also provide a Flash widget for your blog or website. And here's mine (I couldnt get it to fit my blog navbars)

So, feel interested?. Come and Sign Up NOW!


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