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USB "Key" based authentication using pam_usb in Fedora

What Is pam_usb? pam_usb provides hardware authentication for Linux using ordinary USB Flash Drives. It works with any application supporting PAM (Pluggable Authentication Module) , such as su, any login manager (GDM, KDM), etc. The pam_usb package contains: So? What does it do? pam_usb enables you to login to your system using a USB "Key" as a physical authentication device. Ever watched some of those movies where user required to key in some sort of card before logging into the computer? Well, pam_usb allows you to do this on Linux, using your USB drive!. Getting pam_usb pam_usb 0.3.3 is available in Fedora repository. yum install pam_usb pam_usb-hotplug Setting up Your Computer 1 . Setting up console login to use pam_usb add this entry to the first line in /etc/pam.d/login auth sufficient 2 . Setting up GDM to use pam_usb add this entry to the first line in /etc/pam.d/gdm auth sufficient a

Wiki , Compiz fusion 20070716git, and package review

It has been 2 weeks+ since I last post. Here goes Compiz Fusion 20070716git A little update on the compiz fusion packages: fusion-icon is now separated into 3 packages. fusion-icon, fusion-icon-gtk,fusion-icon-qt I have included in 20070716git compiz package my rewrite of desktop-effects to make use of compiz's CCP plugin. Desktop-effects menu is back, but might be buggy, I'm quite noobie in coding, help greatly appreciated New Wiki Just created a wiki to keep certain stuff in/from this blog more organized . Compiz Fusion's wiki page is here : Compiz Fusion package review I have submitted Fedora package reviews for libcompizconfig, compizconfig-python, and compiz-bcop in Fedora bugzilla. compiz-bcop: #247405 libcompizconfig: #247406 compizconfig-python: #247408 and a RFE for compiz : #247409 I havent send the other packages yet, I would like these core packa

Update on Compiz Fusion repository 20070630git

The repository have been updated to 20070630git packages Several changes in the RPM Packaging the metapackage that will pull all compiz bits is now known as compiz-all . compiz-core is renamed back to compiz . compiz-* packages no longer pulls compizconfig-settings-manager. compiz-gnome no longer pulls emerald. (Trying to make basic installation simple). You can yum them separately Desktop-effects menu is back!. But launching compiz automatically during login is still broken, compiz-icon was replaced by fusion-icon and its now working properly.