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Wiki , Compiz fusion 20070716git, and package review

Izhar Firdaus Izhar Firdaus Follow Support Jul 18, 2007 · 1 min read
Wiki , Compiz fusion 20070716git, and package review
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It has been 2 weeks+ since I last post. Here goes

Compiz Fusion 20070716git
A little update on the compiz fusion packages:
  • fusion-icon is now separated into 3 packages. fusion-icon, fusion-icon-gtk,fusion-icon-qt

  • I have included in 20070716git compiz package my rewrite of desktop-effects to make use of compiz's CCP plugin. Desktop-effects menu is back, but might be buggy, I'm quite noobie in coding, help greatly appreciated

New Wiki
Just created a wiki to keep certain stuff in/from this blog more organized http://wiki.kagesenshi.org/. Compiz Fusion's wiki page is here :

Compiz Fusion package review
I have submitted Fedora package reviews for libcompizconfig, compizconfig-python, and compiz-bcop in Fedora bugzilla.

compiz-bcop: #247405
libcompizconfig: #247406
compizconfig-python: #247408

and a RFE for compiz : #247409

I havent send the other packages yet, I would like these core packages to pass review first.
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