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Review: A few days with Fedora 8 Test 2

I just upgraded my laptop to F8T2 several days ago. Heres some of my experience of the journey. Like Moonshine (F7), Fedora 8 Test 2 releases several ISOs to choose from. The classical DVD installer, a Desktop LiveCD, a KDE LiveCD, plus 2 additional new images -> Fedora Electronics Lab LiveCD - targeted for Electical Electronic geeks, and Fedora Developer LiveCD. As I already mirrored Rawhide repository in my local server, I used the Desktop LiveCD for installation. Note that I prefer clean reinstallation rather than upgrade, plus the LiveCDs doesnt offer upgrade option so far. Installation Installation was a breeze as usual , just that I forgot to set /boot mountpoint during installation that causes anaconda to crash -> my sda1 is an NTFS partition which i keep a winXP installation just in case i need it, and all other partitions are on LVM besides /boot - this might have what caused the crash. I have my /home on a different partition, just to be safe, I didnt set the mountpoin

Hunting for Internship

I'm currently looking for internship placements around for my next semester. In my university, Internship / Industrial Training is a compulsory 14 credit hours subject - which will last for 8 months. I havent get any offers yet from companies which i've applied and still actively looking for more choices. Dear lazyweb, if you know any places which need LinuxAdministration/Python/Java/Fedora/Security/OpenSource guy like me, please tell me ^-^. A copy of my resume and cover letter (from my Uni) can be downloaded here -> Resume.pdf Geek Stuff In the meantime, at the other side of my life. IBM just released BETA 1 of their new office suite, IBM Lotus Symphony . Lotus Symphony is a Eclipse based office suite available for free (as in free beer) to download and use. Its available for multiple platforms especially Linux and Windows and it supports ODF. I have just played around with it, and what I liked most of it is its nice UI design. I like the tabbed concept and 1 win