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Hunting for Internship

Izhar Firdaus Izhar Firdaus Follow Support Sep 21, 2007 · 1 min read
Hunting for Internship
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I'm currently looking for internship placements around for my next semester. In my university, Internship / Industrial Training is a compulsory 14 credit hours subject - which will last for 8 months. I havent get any offers yet from companies which i've applied and still actively looking for more choices.

Dear lazyweb, if you know any places which need LinuxAdministration/Python/Java/Fedora/Security/OpenSource guy like me, please tell me ^-^. A copy of my resume and cover letter (from my Uni) can be downloaded here -> Resume.pdf

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In the meantime, at the other side of my life.

IBM just released BETA 1 of their new office suite, IBM Lotus Symphony. Lotus Symphony is a Eclipse based office suite available for free (as in free beer) to download and use. Its available for multiple platforms especially Linux and Windows and it supports ODF.

I have just played around with it, and what I liked most of it is its nice UI design. I like the tabbed concept and 1 window for all of the office component. The sidebar also makes it easier to distinguish and find buttons for setting the text formatting and other properties. Everything else are not much different than OpenOffice.

Get IBM Lotus Symphony now! -> Download here - You will need a IBM DeveloperWorks account to download (you can register for free anyway).

Open Malaysia Blog: Introducing IBM Lotus Symphony...
IBM Press Room: IBM Releases Office Desktop Software at No Charge to Foster Collaboration and Innovation
New York Times: I.B.M. to Offer Office Software Free in Challenge to Microsoft’s Line
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