Ideas: Fedora AppDB

This is just a post for me to jot down this idea before I forgot it.

I'm currently exploring with TurboGears for a coursework project. Out of nowhere an idea came up about an application database for Fedora. Description as follow:

Fedora Application Database

What it is?
It is a web based application which contains description, screenshots and recommendations of applications from Fedora Package Collection.

Use Case
Bob is looking for some softwares to help out in his business. He browsed through pirut but could not decide on which application to use as the descriptions are vague and theres no preview about it. He open up his browser and goto the Fedora AppDB and browsed through the community-contributed descriptions and guides. Bob can now find what he wants. Bob is now happy.

Nice features to have
  • Screenshots
  • Package description
  • Links to upstream webpages
  • Comments/thread for the applications
  • Leverage online-desktop's click-and-yum (not sure what it is really called) capability
  • Application labels (like GMail's labels)
  • Application wishlist (current wishlist tracking @ fedora wiki sux)
  • more more more~...

Now .. the_question_is = to_develop or not to_develop .. ( *lame joke* the_question_is always evaluates to True *lame joke* ) .. Codes written by me are (still) quite messy to begin with ..


Anonymous said…
See gnomefiles

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