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[Fedora-Ambassadors] Fedora 8 Announcement

====================================================================== Fedora 8 Announcement On this autumn period where the best fruits are ripe, it comes the time to harvest the new Fedora release. This new Fedora is named “Werewolf”, but fear not, as this release will bring you all the safety and stability that you could dream of. The main point of this new version is without any doubt SIMPLICITY. After 5 months of intense work, and in order to provide you the latest technologies, this new release will be for you as for us a major evolution. The major new features are (among others): Codeina : Fedora by default does not provide non-Free codecs. This is sometime a problem for the end users who had to install them on their own. Codeina is created for this purpose, which is to help you to install the required codecs to helps you to listen to your MP3 or watch your movies, in a simple, legal way. PulseAudio : Fedora 8 includes the latest generation of sound server, PulseAudi

Red Hat Legal Speaks on Linking to 3rd Party Website/Repositories

A great announcement @ Fedora-Marketing-List today fedora-marketing-list/2007-November/msg00079.html More to read here : Linking to "third party repositories": Legal says that we can link, from the Fedora website, to third party repositories, so long as no one has made a critical assessment to determine that a patent or patents cover the technology in question and no party has actually asserted their patents against the technology, we should be okay. Once we are on notice of a claim of infringement or are aware of a competent assessment that concludes infringement is likely, we would need to take the link down or run a serious risk of facing a claim for inducing infringement. Merely linking would be highly unlikely to subject us to a claim of direct infringement. I asked about MP3, and it was stated that unless we are specifically aware of the MP3 patent holders asserting a claim against the technology, we are still okay. This means that w

HOWTO: Compiz Fusion in Fedora 8 'Werewolf'

Fedora 8 'Werewolf' is just around the corner HERE!!. Lets get this started! This guide applies for Fedora 9 'Sulphur' too CCSM should be in the updates repository already. If it havent, take it here  ccsm-0.6.0-3.fc8.noarch.rpm NOTE: This howto assumes that compiz is already able to run on you hardware. If not, you might google for howto for that first. For NVidia users, install the Livna repositories an yum for kmod-nvidia and reboot. For ATI users, if your card is older than Radeon 9600, it should work out-of-the-box, if not, you will need to wait until ATI releases a new driver for kernel 2.6.23 and yum for kmod-fglrx from Livna after it has been released. Intel user (like me) cheer to yourself as it works out-of-the-box. Compiz & Compiz Fusion in Fedora 8 Fedora 8 includes Compiz 0.6.2 on its release. However, Compiz Fusion packages are not included together in the default installation due to several reasons (one of it was libcompizconfig, ccsm, compi

Fédora, 8th November, and Victorien Sardou

A fun stuff from Fedora-ambassadors-list today 2007-November/msg00008.html 8th November is the anniversary of the death of Victorien Sardou , a French dramatist of which one of his plays, Princess Fédora , is the origin of the name of Fedora hat . Image from wikipedia Another fun fact: Werewolf, the Fedora 8 release name, consist of 8 letters. Fedora 8 - 8th November --- Anniversary of the death of Victorien_Sardou ----- Writer of the play, Princess Fédora - Werewolf --- 8 letter release name


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