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Holiday @ Cameron Highlands

Date: 21-22 Dec 2007 Place: Cameron Highlands Who: My family and 3 other neighbor families Purpose: Its holiday + for fun Here are some pics I took during our trip there. Most of them were taken using my 2MegaPixel P990i camera except for the 640*480 pics. Tea Plantation Rose Valley Butterfly Garden Others

Theme change

New looks for a new year .. :P Actually, i got annoyed with the old theme where the main section is not wide enough to be comfortable with. Especially when the blog post is long. So, I decided to google for some new blogger theme and decided to pick this : . After some hack around and tweaking to my taste, the result is what you see now. Comments whether this theme better/not than the previous theme are appreciated.

Firefox3 Beta2 Release

I woke up today with a Firefox popup on my desktop, notifying that my firefox is now upgraded to Firefox 3 Beta 2. Note that I install firefox beta in my home folder, so, automatic update JustWorks(tm) See whats new here : What noticable is, at last, the visual refresh for Linux is here!! And the new addressbar is cool.

Working from home

Shamelessly modified from Tom "Spot" Callaway post : Waking up on 6am to catch the bus: Lame Getting a ride from a colleague to the office: Awesome Staying back at the office till late night due to unfinished task: Lame Working from home: Priceless There are somethings that money cannot buy, for everything else, there's Inigo Tech (^o^) (^.^) (^-^)

HOWTO: Making VIM in FreeBSD, Linux-user friendly

The hellish semester have ended, and I just started my 8 month internship with Inigo-Tech . I've also got an access to the company's FreeBSD server. However, one thing annoys me - the VIM acts in a way i'm not familiar with. A quick hack to resolve this annoyance. from the linux box scp /etc/vimrc done~