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Adding new Keybinding in gnome-keybinding-properties

So I was playing with compiz after quite some time not using it due to frequent i855gm driver failures (yep I'm using an old box with old card). While enhancing simple-ccsm a bit here and there to add some more config widget to my liking, I discovered that new gconf keybinding can be added into the configuration tool pretty easily. Just create an XML file in /usr/share/gnome-control-center/keybindings/ with the keys. Done. Here's an example of a little mapping I did for Compiz's Scale and Expo plugin. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <KeyListEntries wm_name="compiz" package="compiz" name="Extra"> <KeyListEntry name="/apps/compiz/plugins/scale/allscreens/options/initiate_key"/> <KeyListEntry name="/apps/compiz/plugins/expo/allscreens/options/expo_key"/> </KeyListEntries> The result?

CompizFusion DesktopEffects Dialog

A little something I wrote last night. So, what it do?. Simply a little workaround of the problem Fedora users had for quite a long time - getting Compiz Fusion to run on login properly using ccp (libcompizconfig) plugin. The "Advanced" button will launch Simple-CCSM, and the "Expert" button will launch CCSM ( the buttons are disabled if the command doesn't exist). Why not I create this long ago??. The infrastructure to drop in a window manager without patching gnome-wm was not available before. The recent change in GNOME to use a .desktop file to launch the window manager and "/desktop/gnome/session/required_components/windowmanager" gconf key to store window manager selection made this now possible - bit more elegantly. Git Repository RPM Packages I wonder if this can be accepted in the repo.

Hack: A bit better yum-fastestmirror patch

Those who use Fedora might be familiar with yum-fastestmirror plugin. Its a plugin for yum which polls yum mirrors for the one which responds the fastest. However, sometimes, the polling result might not be one might expected. For example, with the current fastestmirror, I usually get the singaporean mirror as the fastest. But, the singaporean mirror, in fact, only gives me around 2-4KBps download speed, which of course, pissed me off. The taiwanese and the australian mirrors give faster speed than that. So, I went looking at the fastestmirror code. Seems like fastestmirror does not sort mirrors by its download speed, but rather, by it connect() respond speed. That basically explains why it sometimes pick a mirror with slow download speed as fastest. As fast respond to connect(), doesn't necessarily means the mirror have higher upload speed bandwidth. So, I changed a bit of that behavior. Altered the code to download the repomd.xml, , see how fast the download went, and sort

UTP's new course registration system not cross browsers compatible

Sometimes I wonder why I'm such a freetard.

Hacks: Replace yum's downloader with Axel

/!\ This is an ugly hack, use it at your own risk, I am not responsible for any breakage P/S, your sysadmin might not gonna like this Disclaimer aside, I really love Python. So, I'm behind such a bad network which keep timing out, and downloading stuff using yum in this network is a real PITA. And so, I had enough of it and decided to hack around. Axel is a CLI download accelerator thats lightweight and pretty fast. I've been using it quite frequently to get a bit more speed for my downloads. I think, why not just replace this urllib2 grabber with axel, so, I did. (I am such an evil guy) After a few hours looking through yum code to find what to modify, I ended up with this # file: /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/urlgrabber/ import grabber import os class AxelGrabber(grabber.URLGrabber): def urlgrab(self, url, filename=None, **kwargs): """grab the file at and make a local copy at If filename is none, the basenam 2008 Ended!

Everything has its end :). and 2008, ended a great SUCCESS!!. It's been a fun roller coaster ride being a 2008 crew. All the rushing, stress, tears and blood to get things prepared before the event, and all the running all over APIIT during the event to keep everything ok, the lack of sleep and rest, losing the chance to hear most of the talks, etc, paid off when seeing everything went smoothly without any major noticable problems. To be frank, I was quite scared during preparation day (Friday) considering soo many things not yet done such as tags, posters, signages, failure handling plans, etc. But all well ends well, we somehow managed to get most of them done in 24hours and prepared for the big day. Can you believe that this came out of nowhere in 1 hour??!!. I think I've been wearing quite a number of hats throughout the whole From being the publication guy for the posters and tags, to being a bit of tech support for some machines, to get CfP Extended

Hi! With the overwhelming talks submitted for the CfP for, we've decided to extend the CfP by a few more days. October 15 2008 is now when the closing is. Some speakers have already been informed that their talks have been accepted. On October 15, we'll also announce whom they are. Have you registered ? What are you waiting for?

Fedora LTS?

Wikipedia migrated from Red Hat Linux 9 (WTF??) and Fedora (certainly not a wise idea for a large deployment that doesn't want lots of moving parts) to Ubuntu. Some people started raising that inexistence of some sort Fedora LTS is a problem. But, I agree with Mike McGrath post that Fedora serve the niche of a fast paced distro in the Linux ecosystem. Ever since my first day with Fedora , Fedora have been an exciting place to test out new technologies of the FOSS world. Yes it crashes here and there sometimes - eg: AIGLX and compiz during the early days, new Xorg, etc, but thats a common risk when you are choosing to live with this fast paced distro. CentOS filled the gap perfectly for my server needs, combined with Fedora EPEL , CentOS is just right. The only thing missing from CentOS currently is only Livna, (I don't really like RPMForge), once RPMFusion provide packages for CentOS, perhaps it'll be my main distro choice for installing in desktops that i'm lazy to

I love Fedora | The World is Just Awesome

4 weeks more before !!!. Joining the "I love [x]" meme from Planet MyOSS I love Fedora . I love CentOS . I love Python . And all its craziness! Come and Join!!! Register now : 2008 - Malaysia's Premier FOSS conference!

For years the local FOSS community has been planning to host a FOSS conference in Malaysia. A real proper good one, by the technical people for the technical people. No marketing. Come 2008, interested parties have gathered together to make the dream a reality. 2008 Introducing 2008 ( The World is Just Awesome ), a 2 day FOSS Conference on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th November . So make sure your weekend is free. APIIT has kindly sponsored their premises as the Venue for the event. At the moment we are polishing the website, but its completely usable, plus we are already taking in registration . Payment details are being finalized. Schedule: At the moment the schedule is a bit empty, but which upcoming event isn’t? Maybe you can help fill it out for us as a speaker ? Speakers: We have a pending list of speakers we are contacting, but don’t be afraid to submit a topic . We have 26 slots to give up, so come one come all! Volunteering: We need vol

Code Geass: Zero Requiem

Its been a while since i last post something in this blog. A bit of a change from the usual tech posts, an anime-related post - Code Geass 's R2 final episode. Since Eureka Seven , its been a while that I last experienced withdrawal after a series. Throughout the 2 seasons, Code Geass have been a very enjoyable ride. The story are well written and well presented. The non-stop feeding of cliffhangers, the plot where good and evil are different based on perception, made it a very enjoyable and fun ride. Fact of life, everything has to end, Code Geass officially ended last week. Lelouch a.k.a Zero strategic mind, ideals and personality made it to the top of the my most-respected anime character list. And his final sacrifice .. is EPIC. Lelouch Vi Britannia / Lelouch Lamperouge , once a prince of the Holy Britannian Empire - the empire that have taken over half of the world population through military forces - seek to create a new peaceful world where his sister, Nunnaly - who w

Getting around slow Firefox3 URL/Address Bar

Firefox3 introduced a cool address bar improvement. However, its running way too slow on my machine, and sometimes locks down firefox. Here's a little workaround for it: In about:config page, change these keys: browser.urlbar.matchOnlyTyped = True browser.urlbar.matchBehaviour = 2 browser.urlbar.maxRichResults = (max results, put between 2-5) = (search timeout, put something lower than 100, depending on ur needs) This little tweak did the job just-right for me. Recommended reading: A little bit googling for "Firefox 3 addressbar tweak" lead me to this one nice article: CyberNotes: Understanding & Tweaking the Firefox 3 Address Bar .

Changing MAC Address, the Fedora way

Been a month since my last post .. mainly due to lack of idea on what to blog .. Anyway, today is a bit special.. why?, the crazy IT Management Service of PETRONAS University is doing their crazy operation again .. Hunting down any box with listening port that run services - and confiscate the computers, with, or without the owner's concern .. 2 of my friends got their computers confiscated simply for having IRCd, Httpd and a local Squid cache (to help cache the sites their visited due to the university network is fsckingly slow) running .. After some data gathering I found out those ITMS guys detect machines physically through MAC address. So, as a precaution, I changed mine. Changing MAC can easily be done using ifconfig, anyway, here's the elegant way to do it for Fedora or Fedora derivatives users. The catch is, no NetworkManager please. Turn it off, NetworkManager is not that mature for this stunt yet. Use the traditional all-powerful system-config-network to set ur

Brasero creates a hidden md5 checksum in Data CD/DVD

Brasero is my primary disc burning application. Today, while burning the completed anime series from my ever growing collection, I noticed something at the root of the disc. A file named .checksum.md5 . The content?, MD5 checksum for all the files in the CD/DVD. Now, this is convenient :D.

Firstname Lastname dilemma

I've been quite annoyed with the naming system Malaysian Malay use.. In our culture, normally, people doesnt use "FirstName LastName" system, but "GivenName FatherName" instead. Ok, for local use, its not much a problem as people here understand the system. But when it come to dealing with international softwares/people, it got tricky, and sometimes, frustating. For quite a number of people, "GivenName FatherName" system doesn't hurt them much because their parent only give them 1 word name, and the father only have 1 word name. So they just assume GivenName as FirstName and FatherName as LastName. But, the system also allows the use of very long names that make it hard to differentiate which is which, and I am one of those with such names. "Mohd Izhar Firdaus Ismail" - heh, try finding which name to call me from that name (I'm assuming you are not Malaysian) - I'm pretty sure most will just call me "Mohd". I perso

OpenDocument Templates by Lotus Symphony

I browsed through Lotus Symphony website just now, just to check out what new in Lotus Symphony as the first and the last time I used it was during its alpha stage. One thing great that I noticed, a whole gallery of templates in ODF Template format!!! . Stuff ranging from document templates to presentation designs and cliparts. And due to it uses the ODF Template format, I can open them in no problem on OpenOffice. And I thought, "Great!, some free templates to use, but, what these are licensed on?". Looking at the term of use : Content from this Web site that is not provided under an agreement, such Content is not provided as "public domain"; you may use such Content for your personal, non-commercial use only and only in connection with your use of Lotus Symphony. Erm, ain't that defeat the purpose of providing business document templates (invoice, meeting, project status, reports, sales plan

Linpus Linux == Fedora, but poorly done The hardware is based on the Intel Atom Processor which will be used in the Asus EeePC 1000. If you navigate to /etc/system-release you will discover that Linpus is based on a fork of Fedora 8 (Werewolf). That’s better. Much better. Fedora has managed to avoid shabby deals with Microsoft and playing fast and loose with Kernel source code and the GPL. At last, a version of GNU/Linux on an ultra portable you can use with a clear conscience. Being a stripped-down version of Fedora it lacks both make and gcc (and probably ncurses too, though the binaries may be included in the distro but just excluded from the default installation). That will not bother novices or newbies much but it will hack off advanced users—no pun intended. On the plus side though, Linpus comes bundled with MP3, WMV and Flash support and plugins. Package management is courtesy of Synaptic but as Linpus is really Fedora, package

Wow. Seems like a large horde of people in Planet Fedora are jumping ship from Twitter to . While I do have a twitter account , but I'm not that active. Anyway, guess I'll jump to the bandwagon too in the spirit of supporting FOSS : . /me anxiously wait for desktop integration (twitux, or similar), and phone based client (jtwitter or similar).

Mailing List for Fedora Malaysia

Yay!, ticket #551 has been closed. Announcing the fedora-my-list for Malaysia Fedora Users and Contributors. The link is below: Feel free to communicate in Bahasa Malaysia or English (or Manglish , or "Rojak", or whatever) there :P.

Huh?? Its an article about MS, but suddenly: As a matter of fact, some people are fed up with Vista enough to switch to a Mac or Linux. Fedora Linux has come a long way which provides a free operating system and desktop applications, all for free. Go Fedora!!

BarCamp Malaysia 2008 : Open for registration

---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Kamal Fariz Subject: [barcampmalaysia] BarCamp Malaysia Registration Is Now Open Hey all, We just opened the BarCamp Malaysia registration. Seats are limited to 150 people only, so hurry and sign up. There are already a handful of sessions lined up for the two-day event. Check them out at . We look forward to more sessions, so do your part and propose more! kamal So, I've decided to go. Hurm .. what should I help with eh..

Is this why APT depsolve/search is fast?

On a blog post about libBCD dependency resolution algorithm test (which Yum/APT fails, and zypper scores): Debian’s apt-get won’t succeed here, because AFAIK Debian only has dependencies across packages, not on libraries. Actually I still wonder how smart could succeed here using a debian backend. I ignore if apt-rpm does support library dependencies. While I can't verify this (not that familiar with the deb packaging), but if that is really true, it more or less explains why apt is faster than yum - they dont have much stuff to consider and process in the metadata. Yum+RPM can do dep check by libraries, files, executables, perl modules, and some other modules, which makes the metadata large, and depsolve requires more stuff to consider. So, APT-deb users, stop complaining YUM is slow (/me stares at ubuntu zombies) :P Do tell me if that is wrong :) On another note, Yaakov M. Nemoy wrote a very good post about why its not good to

Symbian going FOSS?

Noticed this from an aggregated post in Planet Fedora by Adam Jackson - Symbian Foundation . The Symbian Foundation will provide, manage and unify the platform for its members. Also, it will commit to moving the platform to open source during the next two years, with the intent to use the Eclipse Public License. Pressure from Google Android ??. Change of heart??. Anyway, its still a good sign for FOSS world :)

Git and

I just started learning to use git a few days ago. Mainly because of the convenient of being able to host a git repository on a dumb http server, and ability to local commit. However, I had a minor problem pushing a git repository to my account through ssh push. "Permission denied when executing post-update hook". Asking at #fedora-admin got me this answer - "home folders are mounted noexec", now, thats explains. Nonetheless, a minor hack by replacing the post-update script with a symlink to git-update-server-info seems to get around it. Surprisingly, when I woke up today, I saw Jeremy Katz's post : More git support for fedorapeople . FedoraPeople now have a functional GitWeb and gitserve! - eventhough its beta and might go away, still, thanks a lot Jeremy!!. P/S: OneClickInstall is a misleading name, renamed my python parser for OneClickInstall metadata from yum-oneclickinstall to Chitin (Dead insects trapped in Amber might leave some trace

OSCC Mirror

So, at last the Open Source Competency Center , Cyberjaya _finally_ have mirrors running . Theres Fedora, Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, ArchLinux mirrored. For the Fedora Mirror (only F9), here are the baseurls: Everything :$basearch Updates :$basearch/ However, sadly, its only a 8Mbps mirror - rather surprising for a government-supported organization. I've asked whether they want to be in automated by-nearest-country mirrorlist reply so that the mirror can get a one nice DDoS, not sure whether they'll take that idea or not. Update : Haris said, he want to proceed. I hope it goes well. Yet, I don't want MirrorManager to reply list with only that OSCC mirror. Coz with 8Mbps, I doubt it can really handle it >.< . Hopefully, that once they get themselves in , that can be a big enough traction to push their higher ups

OneClickInstall for Yum

Spent the whole day today learning Python ElementTree . And the product, a yum plugin for parsing OpenSuSE's One Click Install metadata, though, its still quite incomplete. I've always wanted something like OCI, and I've been using RPM MetaPackages for most of my previous use. However, MetaPackages have some limitations, one of which it might conflict with existing RPMs, and if I use a lot of metapackages, I'll end up with a rpm database filled with them and each of them must have a unique name. That is good enough for sysadmins, but it can be a hassle for the so-called 'users' in the long term. OpenSuSE's implementation looks more suitable for me, so, after waiting for quite some time for someone to implement it on fedora (and nobody has - or I didn't notice it), I decided to jump and write my own. However, the implementation on OpenSuSE is only for YaST (which I guess it beats the purpose of having the XML format multi-distro), so, I need to write

Barcamp Malaysia

Lets help some promotion :P. (Though I'm still not sure whether I can attend or not) What’s the story? This July 26th, the Malaysian scene will EXPLODE into a orgy of mass-sharing and learning with the arrival of BarCampMalaysia. If you’re into early-stage web applications , and related open source technologies, social protocols , open data formats , and connecting with like-minds, BarCampMalaysia will stroke you the right way. Wanna feel the heat? "Attendees must  give a demo, a session, or help with one. This is called sharing and we like it." Damn right. You can start by copying and pasting anything from what you’re reading, or from our wiki , onto your own blog. Go forth and multiply! What is BarCamp Malaysia? BarCampMalaysia is an ad-hoc gathering packed with discussions, demos, and interaction from attendees. It’s inspired by BarCamps all over the world , born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. The focus is on ear

Tadaima!!!. ( I'm Back!! )

So, i've been away from blogging for about 3 months now .. Reason? .. simply lazy and lack of motivation to blog .. haha .. Anyway, I'm back :) Btw, I got myself this a few weeks ago! :P

Dag Wieers view on Mark's pledge for synchronized release

Read it here: So Mark's article is wishful thinking and hoping to ride the wave that Red Hat (and Novell) are funding. If he can use that same kernel, with the same backports, fixes and regressions tests, Ubuntu LTS does not need to do anything to support the same vendor hardware. Easy, but at the expense of both Novell and Red Hat. That explains why Mark wants 2 out of 3 Enterprise Linux distributions to enter his circle. I could imagine Novell and Mandrake joining forces to align the release cycle to try and take on Red Hat's 80% Enterprise Linux market share (sales, not necessarily install-base). There is hardly any benefit in Mark's proposal for Red Hat.

Graphical memory usage map using gmemusage

I am a heavy multitasker. I run a lots of apps at once.. sometimes to the point where this dual screen 22" + 14" setup still feels like I need more screen. However, screen space is not the primary problem, but RAM/Swap utilization instead. Its not unusual for me to have 95%+ RAM 90%+ swap (on a 1.2GB RAM with 1.2GB swap machine) utilization with all the apps I ran and freeing the RAM is kindof a tricky task. I usually use ps and top to detect apps that consume a lot of RAM and stop them. However, the values shown on the commands are hard to be quickly identified due to the scheme of Virtual, Shared, Resident, Swap does not show the values on how I would expect it to be. So I went googling and I found out about a very ancient tool ported from SGI IRIX called gmemusage . It shows a graphical representation of the memory consumption by apps running on the system in a quite useful display. Now I can efficiently find apps that uses lots of memory and free up my RAM without resorti

Fedora LiveUSB creation on Windows platform

A great article about Luke Macken 's LiveUSB-Creator on Lifehacker: . Want source? : The implementation in theory might be possible to create a Wubi -like installer for Fedora. Perhaps it will be possible some time in the future with this . Digg it!:

When Ubuntu tries to be Fedora

They struggled trying to keep the betas in control. Inclusion of too new , latest technologies caused breakage and other problems to Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron. Harald Hoyer wrote a good comment out of the responses to Mark Shuttleworth's post about synchronizing distro releases . Ubuntu should stay as they are. Its a good distro for me to recommend for those users who just want a JustWorks machine with no interest to contribute to FOSS world. Fedora development is admittedly way too fast for those type of users to bother. If Ubuntu tries to follow Fedora rapidness, that won't solve anything (except, maybe, open a way for grabbing the Fedora contributor/userbase to the Ubuntu side). Ubuntu has been a good player in trying to solve their bug #1 . So, keep it that way. The Fedora path is too hostile for Ubuntu current target market.

Stickers ~

Thanks Nicu Buculei for the great Fedora Sticker Kit To MyOSS'ers, I just printed the stickers for giveaway. 23 in total. I'll bring them along on the next MyOSS Meetup (whenever that will be).

Instant noodles + Miso + some stuff from freezer = yum3

Something off-topic once a while. Went experimenting with the microwave oven just now, wondering if I can make something more tasty than a plain instant noodle. Went through the freezer and thrown in some stuff, and it turned out great!. Maybe someone want to try it out, here's the recipe. 1 packet Instant Noodle (curry flavour) 1 frozen crab stick some frozen vegetables (just pick how much u like, I simply grab once and throw) some miso paste (2 tablespoon or so) some margarine (1/2 teaspoon or so) water Boil water and put it into a microwave safe bowl. Take out the frozen stuff from the freezer, wash it and throw them into the hot water. Throw in the miso paste and margarine too. Open up the instant noodle, and put the soup stock into the bowl. Put the bowl into the microwave oven, and heat it up until its boiling for 30seconds or so. Stir. Put in the noodle, restart microwave for 2 minutes. Eat :P. The miso paste gave some nice texture and improved the taste of the soup

Complementary Repository CD ISO for "Sulphur" i686 LiveCD

I've been wanting to do this, several times since F7 but kept forgetting due to occupied with stuff. I have put together a complementary ISO containing a repository containing some Livna packages, OpenOffice, and a bunch of stuff which I guess might be useful to users. It is generated using the i686 LiveCD as the root for dependency checks, so, its dependency compatible with the official i686 LiveCD. I'm not sure how beneficial this ISO will be. But I guess it can help our users who does not have big bandwidth to grab certain stuff. Also helps for people who want a kindof-complete desktop environment without being online to grab from stuff from the repos. Here's the torrent - SulphurComplementary-i386-20080515.iso.torrent . I'm the only one seeding it, so, seeding help is really appreciated. =================================== "Sulphur" LiveCD Complementary ISO =================================== Introduction ----------------- ''What is this CD?

Its out!! Its out!!!! Fedora 9 "Sulphur" Is OUT!!!!!!!!!!

With this announcement , its now official!!!. Fedora 9 "Sulphur" has been released!!! The Release Summary describes very well on whats the latest and greatest OSS technologies offered by this release of Fedora. Grab it NOW while its still hot!. However, for those who have fallen slave to the proprietary NVidia/ATi drivers, grab it now only if you are brave - because your vendor could not catch up with the latest and greatest of OSS. With Fedora 9 released, Fedora 10 have started rolling , and the cycle of innovation and creation begins again!. For those who are upgrading from Fedora 7 or Fedora 8, give PreUpgrade a try!. It allows an almost-live upgrade from your old Fedora release to Fedora 9!!. RPMs for preupgrade with F9 listed as an option are available / pointed here . Congratulations and kudos to all Fedora Contributors. Have fun and keep hacking!!!! (^-^)

Hooray to Fedora 9!

Paul W. Frields , the Fedora Project leader's words on Fedora 9 release: LiveUSB, PackageKit, PolicyKit, FreeIPA, easy partition resizing, one-click encryption, RandR support and a faster X, TeXLive, Firefox 3, GVFS, ext4, GCC 4.3, and so much more.... There are far too many improvements to list them all, but certainly even to the naked eye there are worlds of difference between our present and our past -- and the change is overwhelmingly for the better! Go check out the full list at on the wiki. All of this work is done with our constant, unwavering commitment to upstream -- making sure that the Fedora Project always donates back to the source from which we draw. When we find opportunities for improvement, we share that with our upstream contributors to make sure that all open source participants benefit. By being good citizens of the free and

Exporting Plone3.0 Memberdata and Passwords

I need to export plone accounts from Inigo Intranet to LDAP. To accomplish that, first I need some way to export the data I need. Plone itself does not have such tool for it (that I know of). Not so long ago, Kaeru pointed me to a zope script for such purpose , however, the script fails to extract passwords from Plone3.0 mainly due to passwords are now managed by the PluggableAuthService - which made getPassword() to return None and _getPassword() to raise NotImplementedError. I don't know whether somebody forgot to implement those functions into PAS or it was purposely done. Googling lead me to this page in and from there, to this other script . Again, none of them able to extract the password hashes. I lost hope with google, and to the source I went. After a whole night digging through the plone source, at last, I managed to found the method to extract the hash. So, heres the External Script which I wrote to extract stuff I want. # Memberdata export script for Plo

F9 Leaked ISOs ?

meng in #fedora-my pointed me that there are several torrents which claims to be Fedora9 "Sulphur" Final ISO in several torrent sites. While I don't know how legit they are - and didn't bother to download since I've been on F9 since alpha, but here is a little warning for those who couldn't be patience and wait for official release. Until the official SHA1/MD5 sums for those ISO is officially released in FedoraProject.Org , its validity and security is doubted. It is possible for some people with malicious intent to inject a rootkit into that ISO, and make themselves able to take over your computer and data. It is not that hard to spin a rootkit'ed ISO considering revisor and friends are rather easy to use. If I remember correctly, it have happened before with a Fedora release and was mentioned somewhere. You have been warned, so, if you still couldn't wait for 3 days more, go ahead and search for the torrents and have fun cleaning up stuff if you go

My Life (too) ..

Saw this in Planet MyOSS today. Hey!! Its my life too!!!.

Prism 0.9.0 Static RPM SPEC

Call me impatient of whatever. I've been wanting to use Mozilla Prism . It is not yet packaged in Fedora so I tried my luck to package it properly for Fedora. However, I totally have no idea how Mozilla buildsystem work and how to compile Prism's trunk on Fedora. Trying to follow the Creating XULRunner Apps with the Mozilla Build System lead me nowhere. I got stuck trying to find what package provide the buildsystem and the "" file, but I given up due to I totally have no clue. In the end, I ended up packaging the official binary tarball released by upstream and make it installed in /opt. Here is the specfile for those interested to use prism on Fedora: Like the Static OSS Skype SPEC I made before, just download the corresponding source and invoke rpmbuild with the spec. For those who are not familiar with rpmbuild, the shell commands below will help you # as root yum install rpmdevtools #

Anxiety strikes

Sulphur release is getting very near. With all the improvements on F9, somehow, it made me very anxious imagining how RHEL6/CentOS6 would be. With all the improvements Fedora have brought in since Fedora 6, I can only imagine that RHEL6/CentOS6 would be a great distro to recommend for people who don't want to upgrade their distro every half or full year. With all the device support, the EPEL repository, the giant improvements on yum, PackageKit, FreeIPA, new Xorg, and lots of goodness of a desktop distro, if all these made it into RHEL6/CentOS6, I am nothing but very happy and excited. RH is abandoning the desktop?. So what?. They let the desktop world move on its own, freely, and Fedora _is_ that desktop. What got in Fedora, got into RHEL too. With CentOS set loose on the internet, high quality Free (both philosophy and price) environment is not that far away from reach. ^-^.

Getting Shrinkable Tabs with Epiphany

One of my grudge against Epiphany is that its tabs goes off-screen when I open lots of tabs and I need to scroll through the tabs to find the tab I wish to switch to. This gets really annoying when I have like a dozen or more of opened tabs. Googling around, and I was pointed to this epiphany extension from Epiphany 3rd Party Extensions page : Only One Close Button . From the description: Only One Close Button Author: Stefan Stuhr This extension has several purposes. The first is to get rid of the close buttons on all tabs. The second is to make the tab width more flexible; instead of a fixed width they will scale, so that there will first be overflow with many tabs open. The third is to make a close button available as a toolbar button. The name might not tell me that is what I want, but the description do. So, I grabbed it, and here goes: The close button had to be added manually using "Customize Toolbar", and because the Extension purpose is to make theres Only One Close

Shakugan No Shana Season 1 : @ NTV7!?

Looks like NTV7 just started showing one of my all time favourite anime! .. Shakugan No Shana !!!!. I noticed it just now, when they air the first episode. And guess what, it remains in Japanese, which ROCKS!! So, Saturdays: 12:30pm, Malaysian anime lovers get the chance to see Shana in action, on Malaysian TV!. I have the whole 2 seasons (season 2 just ended a few weeks ago) in my anime collection, but I guess I'll still watch the TV version (although, undoubtedly, it might have some parts cut). First Trinity Blood , then Jigoku Shoujo , and now , SHANA!!!!!!. And all of them broadcasted in the original Japanese language, which preserve the beauty of the original seiyuu, the sound effects, and most important, the moe -ness!!. Go NTV7!!!!

A little hack to get a working Skype RPM with less painful PulseAudio support

This is almost a very old news I presume, nonetheless, I just noticed it today while wasting my time jumping to random Open Source project sites. It is well known that skype and pulseaudio doesn't play well together. Skype's ALSA implementation doesn't really implement all of the standard ALSA API which caused alsa-plugins-pulse to not work with skype. Fortunately, as stated in PulseAudio Perfect Setup page, the skype static OSS ( Open Sound System - another sound standard, different than ALSA ) package can be used to work around this issue through padsp. However, the skype_static-oss package come in a tarball, of which, is ugly/inconvenient to certain people (like me). So, I've hacked together a spec to repackage that binary blob and make Skype almost JustWorks for Fedora. I don't know what Skype's regulation for redistribution of their binaries, so, to be safe, I can only provide you the RPM spec file. Here is the spec file : skype_static-oss.spec . Jus

Separate taskbar / window list on dualhead GNOME

I noticed this just now when playing around with the panel on my dualscreen setup. If both screens have a panel with window list on it, the window list will only show the windows of the screen where it resides. Cool feature.

Workspace Upgraded!

First up in this post. Workspace v0.1. This was my workspace since I started my internship with Inigo . Small, compact, with only my 1024x768 resolution of my loyal companion Thinkpad R51. After 4 months with Inigo, 1024x768 started to feel too small to work with. So, on the last PIKOM PC Fair, I decided to grab one external monitor to plug to this laptop for extra screen real-estate. Kaeru recommended me to grab one very big screen - 22inch - and I went for it. Lucky for me, Dell was having a promotion for their E228WFP Entry Level monitor. For only 849 MYR (approx 265 USD), I'll get a 22inch TFT monitor with 5 years warranty. Tempted, I bought it. Its not cash-n-carry, so I had to wait a week for the monitor. A week after The monitor arrived!!! Setting up for dual display is a little bit tricky with my laptop's i855gm. First, Xrandr couldnt detect all of the resolutions of my 22inch screen. After some tweaking with Xorg.conf and guessing config entries, I got it working at l

Me! Me!!!

A Meme happening at Planet Fedora . I'm hopping in too~!. [izhar@hikari ~]$ history | awk '{a[$2]++ } END{for(i in a){print a[i] " " i}}'|sort -rn|head 179 vi 112 python 96 cd 82 ls 37 rpmbuild 27 su 27 locate 23 ssh 23 rpmlint 22 diff I use vim and python more than cd and ls ?? Thats unexpected.

12 YUM Tips and Tricks

YUM Update Manager is the default package manager used in Fedora and Fedora derivatives. It is written in Python and have tonnes of features which average Joe might not know about. These additional features helps a lot on maintaining your system, improving your experience using the package manager and become more productive. Granted, yum depsolving and querying is quite slow compared with APT, but the flexibility and power yum grant to its users, its worth it. To my comrade, Surface , here, as you requested. Tips 1: Fastest Mirror This is usually the very first yum plugin I install in a new Fedora deployment. What does it do?, well, the name tell it all. The plugin will time all the servers in the replied mirrorlist from , and pick the one which is the fastest for you. Everything is done automagically, and considering its a YumCore class of plugin, it works with whatever GUI you use for yum. To install this plugin, use yum install yum-fastestmirror Unl