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Fedora 9 Codename Announced???

Izhar Firdaus Izhar Firdaus Follow Support Jan 27, 2008 · 1 min read
Fedora 9 Codename Announced???
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Okay, Josh Boyer announced it @ fedora-announce-list, and the winner is Sulphur (at least from the vote results)


Somehow, I don't feel quite happy about the announce. Naming of Fedora releases have been running in quite a fun manner since its started going public not so long ago. The name game starts only when the next release of Fedora almost done, suggestions come, voting was made (in approval voting - NOT the Pick-Only-One voting like the recent F9 name vote). The vote results remain secret and contributors wait anxiously for what name the winner going to be until a few days before release. And once it got official, the name got out not through announcements, but from people who saw fedora-release was changed in cvs commits!!.

The name game and waiting for the name confirmation was somehow like a fun reward for the hard work of all people who spent their time and effort on the release. The names are not treated as a development Codenames, but as the Release names which contributors are proud of.

Did the long lived fun tradition changed simply because somebody wanted to get names early for doing release-name related artworks?. Or was it due some other considerations?. I wonder how many other contributors feels the same.
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