Original SimCity GPL'ed as Micropolis - here some RPMs for Fedora Hackers

Around 19:00MYT (11:00GMT) today @ #fedora irc.freenode.net

<evil_steve> oh come on. THey GPL'd Sim city 48 hours ago and it's *not* packaged and in repos yet?
<evil_steve> :)
<evil_steve> and we call ourselves geeks
<KageSenshi> aah?!!
<KageSenshi> yay to gaming!
* KageSenshi now waits for simcity4k to GPL ..
<evil_steve> http://weblogs.asp.net/bsimser/archive/2008/01/10/simcity-source-code-released-to-the-wild-let-the-ports-begin.aspx
<KageSenshi> >.<
* KageSenshi tries to build
<evil_steve> KageSenshi: let me know how you go.
<KageSenshi> :D

Yay to Free/OpenSource Softwares!!. The original SimCity is now GPLv3+!. From the way it looks, I believe it was released to make it as an Activity for the OLPC XO. Nevertheless, it can be compiled and run at our normal desktop linux.

From the guide on the link above ( which for building on VisualStudio (O.o)" ) .. Here are the RPM packages http://izhar.fedorapeople.org/MicropoliceCore/.

UGLY PACKAGE ALERT!: The original tarball have some hardcoded paths and no proper automated script for installation, so I patched it with my own HACKISH patch and a HACKISH %install to make it packageable. And the launcher is a very HACKISH launcher.

Dont expect its playable though. I couldn't find how to run it as a game - and the Visual Studio based guide is also not yet complete, so, I totally have no clue. If anybody succeeded, can you tell me how?

You can launch the demo run using

The original project site is at http://www.donhopkins.com/home/micropolis/. There, you grab the sources for the OLPC XO version of Micropolis if you want.

Happy hacking.


mether said…

J5 said…
Don't worry about the hackishness for now, I talked to Don and he is cleaning things up a bit and then is going to put it up in OLPC's git (http://dev.laptop.org/git). Right now they have the tcl/tk version where you can play the full game but it is a bit of a pain with the tk interface :-) Once it is up we can fix the paths issue the right way.
Unknown said…

Thanks, i'll look into it on saturday


thanks for the information. Is the tcl/tk version is the one from micropolis-activity tarball? If yes, the game runs but only the menu area. The game area doesnt. Perhaps i missed something.
Anonymous said…
nice work man. I remembered playing the original SimCity somewhere around 12-15 years ago, it was fun game!

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