3 days on Rawhide

I've been on Rawhide for almost 3 days now. So far there are no showstopper bug that prevents me to do work. The new GDM looks cool, Firefox3 is great, new System-config-firewall is great, but Xorg is a little bit scary (I've expected this problem : OneSecondX feature brings a lot of changes into Xorg - unstability is unavoidable).

What I can't do for now:
* Switch VT - I can't switch back to X after that
* Use Compiz/3D apps - X crashes right after starting compiz/glxgears - #427643
* Exit X/Logout - X could not restart

All problem above resulted in a total lockup from physical access. Box still responding through network.

For others, everything works fine like usual (at least for my purposes, and of course, the versions are newer than F8 versions).


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