Fedora T-Shirt

A comrade of mine, ShahrimanSamsudin (Yondie), just signed the Fedora CLA and registered himself as the 4th Malaysian Fedora Ambassador. A big welcome for him. I hope this will encourage him more into contributing more to FedoraProject and help spreading Fedora and FOSS in Malaysia. I know I can't do this myself, as I'm more of a technical guy than a people-person. Hanafiah frequently MIA, Sharuzzaman with his translation projects.

Look what he got for us, also posted at his blog here: http://rumble.yondie.org/2008/03/fedora-shirts-anyone.html

For Malaysian readers of my blog, he is taking orders for those shirts. However, we are not sure about what the price to put yet. You can contact him about the T-Shirt through his blog or get his contact details here.

Fedora-MY, slowly trying to gain momentum. Hanafiah, where are you?? Sharuzzaman, hey, be on IRC once a while will ya? :P.

I will keep on advocating for users and trying to recruit more contributors from Malaysia.


kullnark said…
If you are not sure with the prices you should ask the trademark owner what profit is allowed. That is one reason why we found the EMEA Non Profit Organisation (NPO), so we can give this profit back to the Fedora Project.
<~!@#> said…
@kital: Thanks for the tips kital, I'm writing a mail to the art list to clarify this matter. Hope to get their response in a moment.

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