Malaysian Election 2008

Seems like its getting near, and people from both Barisan National (BN) and Opposition parties started doing their usual crazy stuff. Both sides with their promises. Both sides with their accusations about their opponent. Which will win?. Lets wait and see. Which party I will vote?, Nobody (because I'm not yet legal to vote :P ). Furthermore, I prefer to be neutral. I value practicality more too.

I myself is not really excited with this event. Why?. Well, I just don't like the system of voting for a party and the party who decides who will become the leader. I see this method, is somewhat not really voting for a leader who will represent my voice and interest, but rather simply choosing what group of people will be the government. Voting for a group, IMHO, made me unable to choose one particular individual, who I feel, is suitable to lead Malaysia better.

In both BN and Opposition, there are good leaders, also in both of them a bunch of lamers (though I admit, IMO, theres one particular side which filled with lamers, but still, there are some good leaders in them too). Voting for a party does not guarantee me that my vote won't help those lamers. I don't want those lamers to become Malaysia leaders, because they sucks!.

When a party wins in a certain state or wins in overall Malaysia, its the people within the party are the ones who choose who will be the leader for that state or the leader of Malaysia. This system, is bad in a way that, its not people who chooses the leader. Within a party, there will always be cronism, etc. Thus, those who wins to be the party leaders, are those who have best influence within the party. I don't like this 2 layers of choosing leaders.

I want to vote for a Person NOT a party.

The Barisan National party, being having too much majority, and always-win, made them Microsoft-like with hidden corruptions. While the Opposition parties, with their impractical promises, accusations, and lame attitude. So, which party will win this time around?. One thing I'm sure, no matter who win, its not us who will get to choose the person who will become the person who will really represent us.

Oh yeah, Go Barrack Obama!!! Go Larry Lessig!!!..


Anonymous said…
"Furthermore, I prefer to be neutral. I value practicality more too."
Fence sitter you mean ? In a democracy, that is akin to being lame and passive.

"I want to vote for a Person NOT a party."
That had been abolished by BN long ago just to spike people like you.
Unknown said…
"Fence sitter you mean ? In a democracy, that is akin to being lame and passive. "

Not really on a fence, I support person, rather than a party. This party-based system, have these persons separated to 2 sides. Heck, I want that particular guy to lead this sector because he is practical in that sector, and that another particular guy to lead another sector because he is practical with that , but wtf, they are separated to 2 parties of which both parties have bunch of jokers in it. I don't want those jokers to become leaders.

"That had been abolished by BN long ago just to spike people like you."

I wonder if we really have this system in the first place. Malaysian politics have been about Party! Party! Party! .. not strength of a particular leader.
Unknown said…
Summore addition.

"In a democracy, that is akin to being lame and passive."

Democracy supposed to allow citizen to choose who will represent my rights. But in .MY, our democracy system does not allows us to do that. It only allows us to choose what party will lead the way, but in the end, its the people who within that party that decide who will be the leader.

I am being active, actively refusing to help lamers. But for leaders who I like his/her stand, I will support that particular leader - as he/herself. I won't support his/her party. This is my stand, my decision, and I strongly believe my stand in this.

I am neutral in a way that I don't endorse any party, but I do endorse certain leaders, depending on the issue being discussed about.
kuc1n993m0k said…
hmmpph..dari atas sampai bawah ak bace sekali lalu...mcm apa yang kite diskas2kn...hahaha...lulz
Anonymous said…
man...kagesenshi is it..hard enough gettin your name right..its harder to understand the crap uve put up..learn to speak some english man..and try talkin some sense u illiterate fool..
Unknown said…
lol .. sorry that my geekish sense is hard for you to cope with .. lol

tips: think like you a guy who've been living with computers since 2 years old, u might get what i meant.

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